Enables Client-side Call Signing to Enhance Integrity of Invalid Traffic Responses recently released additional security steps for allowing partners to enable signing of all IVT (invalid traffic) responses from the company. In environments where client-side communication is a necessity, the new security enhancement assures partners that responses received are coming from rather than from a bad actor or unknown source.

The company’s signing capabilities are meant to solve a key problem whereas partners of all types including advertisers, publishers, and intermediaries increasingly need to rely on client-side transmission in order to ensure that an advertising event is completed in a timely manner, such as inserting an ad into a client or an auction being held directly within the client itself. The issue arises from non-secured responses. A response that is not signed can be manipulated by bots and bad actors alike.

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A manipulated response can have devastating consequences by essentially tricking a partner into believing that an invalid request looks and behaves just as a valid request.

“As it becomes easier for bad actors to take advantage, we’re happy to provide solutions that keep our partners one step ahead,” said Kyle Smith, Escalated CEO.

Protection Against Evolving Threats

Bots and other invalid activities are constantly evolving as bad actors continue to search for new ways to cheat the system. The platform works to identify these threats in real-time to keep partners safe and aware of any incoming issues.

  • Intermediaries: Track IVT metrics for various sources and entities. Prevent invalid activity from flowing through your platform. Disallow bidding on IVT events.
  • Advertisers: Display your creatives to valid requests only ensuring that humans, not bots, have access and that your audience data stays intact. Identify problematic sources.
  • Publishers: Protect sensitive content on your properties, such as ad code or videos, from loading on invalid requests. Prevent auctions from occurring on bad activity shielding your buyers from IVT exposure.

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