Genesis Media Expands Programmatic Technology by Merging with Altitude Digital

Genesis Media Expands Programmatic Technology by Merging with Altitude Digital

Genesis Media + Altitude

Company to Launch First Publisher Video Platform Connecting User Behavior Data, Content Analytics, and Programmatic Advertising

Genesis Media, a leading publisher analytics, and data science company, has announced that it has merged with Denver-based, Altitude Digital, a programmatic video technology company. The company will operate as Genesis Media.

 The combination of these two companies creates a unique advertising platform for premium publishers that:
– Brings together publisher content analytics (Genesis Attention Platform™) and a Supply Side Platform (Altitude ARENA®) into a single system
– Increases the amount of quality video supply—pre-roll and out-stream, that publishers can create and deliver to direct and programmatic buyers
– Expands the company’s team and engineering resources to better serve direct publishers by removing complexities and inefficiencies
– Allows programmatic buyers to bid on impressions with new data that measure the quality of individual pieces of publisher content and how the user interacts with that content

Mark Yackanich, CEO of Genesis Media says, “This merger further supports our mission to reward publishers for producing quality content with highly engaged audiences. It’s in those environments that brands can most effectively reach their customers with video advertising. Publishers need to maximize video revenue without ignoring the impact advertising has on its users—that’s where we come in.”

“Brands leverage programmatic to target consumers at scale but adding a new metric to help evaluate content quality offers interesting possibilities,” said Tim Libby, SVP Group Director at Starcom. “An enhanced approach to programmatic that allows brands to target highly engaged consumers while leveraging unique data to measure the quality of content makes a lot of sense.”

Joe Grover President and CMO at Genesis Media LLC
Joe Grover, President and CMO at Genesis Media LLC

Investments in data products and an expanded engineering team better position the company to address the complexities in the video media supply chain. Joe Grover, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Genesis Media and former CEO of Altitude Digital added, “This business combination is anchored around a deep commitment to quality in online advertising. From employing the most trusted verification tools, to understanding the quality of publisher content, to delivering better advertising experiences for the user. It’s a new approach to programmatic advertising.”

The company will have six operating offices in major US cities including DenverDetroitChicagoLos Angeles and San Francisco with New York headquarters.

About Genesis Media

Genesis Media is the first company to connect user behavior, content analytics, and programmatic advertising. Genesis’ real-time platform analyzes how individual pieces of web content are consumed by people, leveraging this data to create viewable video ad experiences that are best suited for each page and each device. With its programmatic technology, high-quality inventory is packaged into private marketplaces and direct deals. Premium publishers, leading national advertising agencies, and programmatic buyers rely on Genesis Media’s technology to accurately quantify the true value of publisher content and reduce waste for brand advertisers.

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