GZ6G Technologies Announces Disruptive Out-of-Home (OOH) Brand Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

— Enabling Sponsors to Maximize Brand Stories and Provide Exposure and Digital Engagement With Fans in Nationally Recognized Venues, Universities, Airports and More —

Green Zebra Media Corp., a subsidiary of GZ6G Technology Corp. providing professional advertising, marketing and sponsorship services for SMB’s, smart stadiums, universities, airports, hospitality and smart city projects, today announced that it is seeking a wide range of paid sponsors and advertisers to support and enhance its relationships with the country’s leading venues, while helping maximize sponsors’ revenue.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities up to a cumulative $50 million are available for Fall 2022 through 2023 to help connect brand sponsors with tens of thousands of consumers at nationally recognized professional and amateur sports stadiums, along with other venues that include universities, cities and more.

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Why Do Venues Use Green Zebra Media?

“User engagement technologies are fairly new, and many current venue marketers are not yet immersed in their many benefits or capabilities,” said Coleman Smith, CEO of GZ6G Technologies. “Green Zebra Media provides the tools to better utilize these technologies to sell digital ad inventory and maximize revenues.”

Green Zebra Media’s expertise allows venue partners to outsource OOH equipment management, manage digital advertising assets and sell sponsorship opportunities on behalf of the venue, allowing venue owners to focus on more traditional advertising and sponsorships, while benefiting from advanced out-of-home (OOH) technologies.

“This is an exciting time for brand sponsors to connect with fans and others digitally to tell their stories and promote their products and services,” added Smith. “We work closely with venue and sponsor partners to create better user experiences for fans and others, while providing brand sponsors with unparalleled access to consumers. Importantly, through our robust offerings, Green Zebra Media allows venues to reduce operational costs and fill temporary or full-time hiring gaps. Smart technologies are the wave of the future, and we believe that we can help venues and sponsors become pioneers in the industry.”

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How Do Sponsorships Work?

  • Through exclusive partnerships, Green Zebra Media receives a three-to-five-year commitment for in-venue OOH digital technology management services, with rights to offer sponsorship services to nationally known sports and smart city brands.
  • Green Zebra Media manages advertising assets on behalf of the venue. Advertising management includes demonstrating the value of OOH, introduction to brand sponsors, and OOH digital media placement opportunities, among others.
  • Green Zebra Media’s creative team places and manages the sponsors’ digital messages and provides them and the venues with key in-venue data analytics and ad-tracking engagement reports, creating substantial value for all stakeholders.
  • Sponsors receive prominent placement at venues, primarily in stadiums and arenas that host Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Hockey League (NHL) teams, among others. The venues include seating for tens of thousands of fans, providing sponsors with unmatched opportunities to share their messages.

The Company also plans to expand sponsorship opportunities to the National Football League (NFL) and other professional and collegiate sports leagues.