H Code Media Launches New Data-Driven Content Division

H Code Media Cracks the Code Delivering Culturally Relevant Content Marketing Campaigns to US Hispanics at Scale

H Code Media, the leader in digital advertising for the US Hispanic market, announced the launch of a new division called H Code Studio — a full-service content studio combining the identity of a brand, the storytelling of a production house, and the scale of a digital platform. The studio will be led by Jeffrey Duque and Diana Pieretti, formerly of IM Studio+/Impremedia.

This is the first time data science is being used to analyze audiences and identify segment insights of the US Hispanic market. These insights are being used to create new optimization solutions in a content studio. H Code Studio provides unique, fully integrated marketing solutions that are ownable, client-centric and culturally relevant, catered specifically to the US Hispanic market.

H Code Media Launches New Data-Driven Content Division
Parker Morse

“Content marketing is the holy grail in today’s ever-changing, highly fragmented media market. H Code Studio is fulfilling the growing demand for brands looking to produce compelling stories. The difference is that each one of H Code Studio’s products is backed by data. This layer of information, or science, will allow us to partake in multi-platform storytelling that outperforms our competitors and produces content that is proven to resonate in-market with US Hispanic consumers,” said Parker Morse, founder & CEO of H Code Media.

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Morse continued, “I look forward to the impact that Jeffrey and Diana will make, having worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, bringing years of experience and award-winning creativity to our clients and partners.”

H Code Studio further integrates brand partners into the Hispanic culture by building customer loyalty through experiences that form an emotional connection—reflecting the values, thoughts and aspirations of individuals in the Hispanic community. The ‘science’ behind H Code Media’s audience analytics, insights and campaigns at scale allows H Code Studio to develop the ‘art’ of marketing through an authentic, engaging, and relevant experience that meets and exceeds the needs of both brands and their target US Hispanic audience.

H Code’s reach is much deeper into the US Hispanic market than anyone else by working directly with over 250 of the top US Hispanic premium publishers.
As a result, H Code Media can provide its clients with premium
and exclusive access to 20+ million US Hispanic consumers.

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Duque and Pieretti have worked extensively with clients including Lexus, Amtrak, Metro PCS, Nestle, Absolut, The California Endowment, Cigna and CA Lottery where they won NAMIC’s 2017 Multicultural Integrated Marketing Campaign of the year and were finalists in the ANA Multicultural awards in the highly contested Hispanic category.

“We are delighted to be launching H Code Studio. H Code Media’s data, audience segmentation capabilities, and scale are a game changer in the Hispanic marketplace. Access to such sophisticated data will bring an unparalleled level of success to the creative work we are so passionate about,” expressed Duque and Pieretti.

H Code Studio capabilities include content creation, experiential, social media, video production–with an expertise in AR, VR, 360 degree video, and other new technologies, as well as working with a vast network of social influencers.

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