NGDATA Adds New Enhancements to the Lily Customer Data Platform

Group DNA, OneAnalytics, and Other New and Expanded Features Provide Additional Insights to Marketers to Deliver More Relevant Customer Experiences

NGDATA®, the customer experience management solutions company, has announced enhancements to Lily™, the company’s next-generation customer data platform, designed to help marketers deliver more relevant customer experiences powered by deeper insights and context around individuals and groups.

The company’s next-generation customer data platform, Lily™, puts people at the center of every business via Lily’s Customer DNA, which continuously learns from customer behavior and context in real time.

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Luc Burgelman, CEO, NG DATA
Luc Burgelman, CEO, NGDATA

At the time of this announcement, Luc Burgelman, CEO of NGDATA, said, “Our customers across the world rely on Lily to power connected experiences that solidify customer lifetime value. Lily is a next-generation customer data platform that becomes the centerpiece of our customers’ digital transformation efforts, which is why we are so committed to investing in deepening and strengthening the intelligence that fuels the platform. These enhancements to Lily provide a level of context and sophistication unique to the CDP market.”

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Luc added, “We take pride in being able to arm our clients with the most accurate and relevant insights so that they can deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

The new version of Lily introduces Group DNA, which allows marketers to understand customers at both an individual and group level (e.g. household, business structure, etc.). Group DNA allows data and insights to be generated at different levels, enabling clients to extend the creation of Lily DNA beyond the individual and to a connected group.

NBE_Customer DNA by NG DATA
NBE_Customer DNA by NG DATA

For example, Lily users can now connect individuals that are a part of a household, allowing marketers to track the Lily DNA associated with families.

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Lily Delivers Better Customer Experiences at Scalable Engagements

By taking into account the relationships between the different members, Lily’s Group DNA allows for deeper and more relevant insights to deliver better customer experiences to the individual, as well as the connected group.

With the introduction of OneAnalytics, Lily enables marketers to build and consult Lily DNA on other entity types beyond the customer. This enhancement in Lily allows clients to take the strength of, and insights delivered by, the thousands of Lily Metrics that make up the Customer DNA and apply them to other entities, including campaigns, products, offers and more.

OneAnalytics takes into consideration potential insights gained from other related entities as a means to connect different perspectives to achieve even deeper understanding to support the delivery of more relevant customer experiences.

When used in conjunction with Group DNA, OneAnalytics extends Lily’s real-time insight to other entities, and related entities, allowing deeper connections by helping marketers find relationships associated with devices, products, time, etc.


NGDATA’s Latest Addition Offers More Flexibility to Manage MNCs 

The new version of Lily also includes enhancements that allow NGDATA to better support its growing roster of global clients. Lily now supports multiple languages so that the Lily UI can be displayed in different languages for different users. These enhancements allow Lily to provide flexibility for multi-national companies with employees speaking different languages.

Additional technical features and capabilities in Lily include —

Multiple Configuration and Simulation Views

Multiple configuration and simulation views allowing teams to collaborate in parallel, simulate new metrics and compare the effect of different models on production data, all without interfering with each other’s work or creating a live impact. Once fine-tuned, the configuration compare, merge, import and export features allow users to push the best configuration to production.

Enhanced Cloudera and HortonWorks

They support enabling Lily users to benefit from the latest Cloudera and Hortonworks functionality.

Jupyter Notebook Integration

This integration facilitates collaboration among data scientists and allows them to more effectively test new models and use cases, increasing the speed and quality of Lily metrics and expression development.

Data Mart

A new data mart feed to deploy Lily DNA efficiently and with ease to business users via standard Business Intelligence tools (which support querying Hive via ODBC connections). The feed supports data extraction and ingestion via Apache Parquet files, with standardized schemas and scripting.

Currently, NGDATA® helps brands in data-rich industries, such as financial services, telecom, media/entertainment, utilities, and hospitality, to achieve data-driven customer centricity by enabling them to deliver smarter, more connected customer experiences.

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