Habu Announces Becoming an Amazon Marketing Cloud Partner to Help Accelerate Clients’ Insights and Business Growth

Data Clean Room Software Company | Habu

Habu, the Global Innovator in Clean Room Software and an Amazon Ads verified partner, today announced its certified Amazon Marketing Cloud partner status to empower Amazon Ads customers to expand and scale their use of Amazon Marketing Cloud through Habu’s intelligence applications.

Habu’s Clean Room software makes cross-party collaboration safe, simple, scalable, and smart by enabling brands to work in distributed environments to glean insights and execute advanced data science use cases with minimal resources.

Habu’s integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud enables a simple and seamless authorization for Habu to work with a customer’s existing Amazon Marketing Cloud environment to gain aggregated insights. Clients can utilize their own Amazon Marketing Cloud instance and Habu’s pre-packaged question-based queries and visualizations to help users with or without data science background to obtain insights from Amazon Marketing Cloud while accelerating time to results.

The integration augments ease of use by automating analysis and delivering end-to-end outcomes to drive value for businesses. Key features supported by Habu’s Amazon Marketing Cloud application include:

Business-User Friendly

A library of plain English queries and visualizations makes it easy for Amazon Marketing Cloud clients to get started, uncover insights, and see value quickly.

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Out-of-the Box Intelligence

Pre-built intelligence packages accelerate time to insight and let customers focus on growing their business.

Full Flexibility

No-code and low-code modules support a spectrum of analysis and enable both business users and advanced data science teams to generate insights. Bring first-party signals to Amazon Marketing Cloud from any other cloud and export results to your BI tool of choice.

“This is another example of Habu delivering frictionless and automated collaboration solutions,” said Habu Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Kilmartin. “We empower companies of all types and sizes greater access to insights. We’re excited for this next step in our collaboration with Amazon Ads and look forward to continued success.”

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