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HIRO Media Unveils New Brand Campaign Control Platform

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Powerful New Platform Gives Advertisers Full Control & Transparency Over Programmatic Campaigns

HIRO Media, the world’s first Safe SSP, announced the launch of HIRO’s Brand Campaign Control (BCC), a powerful new solution that gives advertisers full control over their programmatic campaigns. With HIRO’s BCC, advertisers gain an authentic and fully-transparent map of where their programmatic ads are running, as well as complete and precise control over tag management. This new suite was designed to help answer some of the most important questions that advertisers face, such as where their ads are displayed, how they are presented and who their key resellers are.

Ariel Napchi
Ariel Napchi

“We firmly believe our new platform will grant advertisers unrivaled clarity and transparency into where their ads are playing and their presentation. This will give them a richer insight of their campaign’s performance coupled with the necessary tools to control it,” said Ariel Napchi, CEO & Founder, HIRO Media.

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With HIRO’s BCC, advertisers have access to a full suite of brand campaign tools and capabilities including:

  • Supply Path Mapping. HIRO’s BCC provides an updated map of the brand’s supply chain. Enabling full transparency over your ad supply paths and allowing you to reveal who your supply partners really are and what their role within your ecosystem is.
  • Advanced Analytics. Access multiple layers of data and insights, including CTR, viewability, fraud and more. Compare the activities and performance of DSPs and other partners in the supply chain, for both video and display, on any platform and device.
  • In-Depth Reporting System & Dashboard. Extract performance data according to your individual and ever-changing needs with HIRO’s BCC’s flexible reporting system.

According to a report from Infectious Media, which surveyed brand advertisers worldwide to gauge their attitudes toward programmatic advertising, 84% reported wanting increased control over their programmatic efforts, while 63% indicated they lack solid access to data transparency. Additionally, the report found that publisher relationships and financial transparency are tied as the most challenging aspects of programmatic for advertisers, followed by data transparency, ad fraud, and concerns regarding brand safety.

“While programmatic advertising has many benefits, especially its automation, its biggest challenge is the lack of transparency. With our platform, which fits seamlessly within any marketing technology stack, advertisers will truly have full control of their campaigns – no more guessing or confusion,” Napchi concluded.

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