Launching, the InclusiCheck service provides access to a panel that provides diverse opinions on the content of your brand’s communications – including internal initiatives and any or all components of your external advertising campaigns like social media posts, videos, commercials, billboards, contests and digital ads. Expectations for ethical corporate behavior are higher than ever before, and one inappropriate ad can result in permanent reputational damage, boycotts, loss of social media followings and other negative impacts. Per a recent Edelman study, almost two-thirds of consumers said that even if they love a company’s products or services, they will still “cancel” (stop doing business with) that company if it does something wrong or offensive.

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InclusiCheck impanels a cross-section of consumers and certified DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) professionals to ensure we capture a true reaction to your content. The panel provides a comprehensive assessment on multiple dimensions, like gender, sexuality, race, culture, socio-economic status, accessibility and more – giving an overall score and actionable, concrete feedback when an ad can be made more inclusive. The InclusiCheck panel also rates the content for authenticity and direct connection to the brand, so you can deliver messaging that truly is reinforcing of your commitments to diversity and inclusion rather than performative.

InclusiCheck founders Alyx Kaczuwka and Azan Dhanani noticed that for many of their existing marketing clients, despite having ESG (environmental, social and governance) standards in place and many internal initiatives to improve in important areas like diversity and inclusion in hiring and ethical, environmentally-conscious product development, their marketing departments were receiving little internal guidance or internal feedback before their marketing campaigns launched. “For most brands, it’s difficult to get an honest assessment completed internally,” said Alyx Kaczuwka, co-founder of InclusiCheck. “Some of your employees may see the problem and be afraid to speak up.”

Lack of diverse backgrounds within teams can also be an issue. “Very few companies would operate with the intent of excluding anyone,” said InclusiCheck co-founder Azan Dhanani. “But they could do so unintentionally, as they may not have access to DEI expertise, an understanding of unconscious bias, or teams with fully diverse backgrounds. InclusiCheck provides a critical external feedback loop for refining your advertising initiatives.”

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