Introducing DigitalReef, Full-Suite Advertising Technology Platform and Mobile Marketing Company – Merger of Five Companies Offers a Gateway to LATAM

Global technology company DigitalReef launched today, establishing itself as a large scale, fully-integrated mobile marketing and advertising platform. DigitalReef was formed through the fusion of five leading digital advertising and marketing firms: FlowsenseImagination UnwiredIMOX,  Lemmonet and MobTarget. At inception, DigitalReef encompasses a total network of 300M+ registered users, captures 3.3 billion monthly impressions and reaches approximately 70% of mobile users in LATAM.

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Together, DigitalReef’s suite of products and services provide a complete end-to-end solution for brands, marketers and app developers seeking exposure on one of the world’s largest direct-to-device advertising platforms. With a broad product portfolio ranging from virtual preloads to app recommendations and premium native inventory across LATAM, DigitalReef offers advertisers a wide variety of ways to benefit from their large and growing device manufacturer, app developer and global carrier network. Additionally, DigitalReef’s client service expertise makes it easy for marketers to utilize this new and highly differentiated advertising channel.

DigitalReef works with global carriers, device manufacturers and app developers to acquire unique device and app inventory, and positions its native digital network with brands and agencies globally, offering significant ROI. Using advanced artificial intelligence capability across its vast data repository, DigitalReef offers advertisers a high level of targeting and provides detailed audience clusters to drive impressive performance results.

DigitalReef’s broad reach in LATAM makes it an ideal channel for global advertisers and brands seeking entry into this dynamic and growing market. Per a report in eMarketer, mobile advertising spend in LATAM is projected to grow at a 19% compound annual growth rate from $4.4 billion in 2017 to $10.5 billion by 2023.

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DigitalReef’s roster of clients includes: Amazon, Bradesco, Heineken, Samsung, Starbucks, Uber among others in addition to the largest local and regional network operators in LATAM.

At launch, DigitalReef comprises:

  • Flowsense: A specialized app engagement platform that helps large companies increase activation, retention, engagement and revenue in their apps
  • Imagination Unwired: First party data technology and platform delivering high conversion marketing and advertising solutions
  • IMOX: Offers carriers, retailers and handset manufacturers a deeply integrated platform for devices providing value added services, business intelligence and communication tools
  • Lemmonet: Helps advertisers acquire and engage users at scale through its multichannel proprietary technologies
  • MobTarget: Delivers unique mobile operator advertising solutions to brands and agencies

Taking the helm of DigitalReef is CEO Maurizio Angelone, a 20-year veteran in the mobile technology space with deep experience in growing the LATAM and other global mobile markets. Most recently, he served as Vice President for Americas Region at HMD Global/Nokia where he helped HMD/Nokia establish its newly launched smartphone business unit in North America and LATAM. Angelone also served in senior positions at Motorola and Lenovo. Angelone was also one of the original co-founders of Imagination Unwired, one of the merged companies forming DigitalReef.

“At DigitalReef, our mission is to enable every player in the mobile space to connect with consumers more effectively and meaningfully. We are building a foundation to continuously grow our complete offerings through new services and partnerships,” said Maurizio Angelone, CEO of DigitalReef. The value proposition of the company is particularly strong in Latin America where we now have a combined on-device footprint that is one of the largest of any advertising platforms in the region.”

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