Joveo Inc. Acquires Ripple Labs

Programmatic Job Advertising Platform Joveo Acquired Ripple Labs, a Digital Media Buyer

Ripple Labs, a digital media buyer which provides programmatic buying expertise to recruitment ad agencies and job boards, announced its recent acquisition by Joveo Inc., a leader in recruitment advertising technology.

Joveo Inc. Acquires Ripple Labs
Kshitij Jain

“Our vision is to build the most democratic online job marketplace by enhancing the reach and targeting of job boards, staffing agencies and media agencies alike. The Ripple team’s deep understanding of this marketplace and their partnership network will help us continue to be an industry leader in this space. I am very excited to kick start this next stage of our growth,” said Kshitij Jain, CEO and founder, Joveo Inc.

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Joveo Inc. Acquires Ripple Labs
Scott Garrett

“As an industry leader in programmatic job ad buying, Ripple has been committed to assisting ad agencies and job boards maximize the return on their advertising spend. With the acquisition, we now have input into the direction of Joveo’s media buying platform. Together, we will work to dramatically expand our reach and offer new solutions to our clients and to the recruitment industry,” said Scott Garrett, CSO of Ripple.

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Joveo Inc. Acquires Ripple Labs
Kyle Leigh

Kyle Leigh, President of Ripple, added, “This is truly an exciting opportunity for both companies. Ripple has helped its clients reduce inefficiencies while simultaneously increasing quality. By joining forces with Joveo and their programmatic buying platform, we will be able to help bring the recruitment ad tech space to the modern era of advertising. 2018 promises to be a year of exciting innovations propelling us further towards our mission: a job for everyone.”

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Kshitij concluded, “Joveo and Ripple are well-aligned from a culture, talent, and business model perspective. We look forward to working together to realize the benefits of this compelling combination for all of our clients and partners around the world.”

Joveo is a programmatic job advertising platform dedicated to eliminating the pain out of recruitment ad buying for everyone through a simple, effective and transparent platform. Key partners include job boards, agencies, and staffing agencies.

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