Mediavine’s OpenRTB Technology is the First Solution Enabling SSPs to Transact on Google’s FLoC



Mediavine, the largest exclusive full-service ad management firm in the U.S., is actively sending Google FLoC IDs in the bid request to The MediaGrid using its custom-built OpenRTB server, Mediavine Exchange. Mediavine’s technology gathers FLoC IDs from its nearly 8,000 publishers and passes them, supply-side partners (SSPs) to be used in the ad auctions. Mediavine is the first full-service ad manager and company overall to provide SSPs with FLoC IDs.

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The MediaGrid is passing the FLoC IDs to its demand-side platform (DSP) partners to facilitate the creation of cohorts and serve targeted ads. Mediavine’s customized, adaptive OpenRTB implementation allows The MediaGrid to collect FLoC IDs directly from Mediavine Exchange, expediting the auction process.

“Our custom OpenRTB-based ad technologies allow Mediavine to be the first verified FLoC integration, collecting IDs and passing them through the bid stream all the way to advertisers,” said Eric Hochberger, CEO and Co-Founder of Mediavine. “While FLoC comprises a limited percent of traffic at this time, we’re excited that the scale of 17+ billion ad impressions empowers advertisers to start testing today in preparation for the cookieless future.”

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Historically, one of the biggest complications with server-to-server bidding is cookie matching. Mediavine’s OpenRTB technology is optimized for both today’s needs and future cookieless solutions including FLoC, handling more than 300 billion bid requests per month.

“With the demise of the third-party cookie looming, it is vital to begin testing and evaluating alternatives today, with FLoC being one of the major contenders,” said Michael Beschastnov, Product Architect of The MediaGrid. “We are excited to work with industry-leading partners like Mediavine to enable these tests, gather learnings early and ensure their post-cookie preparedness in advance of Q1 2022, so together, we can continue to drive measurable outcomes for advertisers and meaningful revenue for content creators.”

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