Mirriad Announces Partnership with Insight TV to Advance Ad Formats and Enhance Viewer Experience

The partners will test different programmatic formats to resonate directly with target audiences

Mirriad, the leader in virtual product placement (VPP), is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Insight TV, known for its captivating cross-industry content and engaged CTV audience. With this collaboration, the two will innovate together within Insight TV’s rapidly growing portfolio of channels and content, particularly focusing on FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels.

Partnership highlights include the following:

● Innovative Ad Formats: The partnership will explore and expand the opportunities for advertising through advanced and targeted VPP techniques, and the integration of interactive elements. Viewers can expect enhanced experiences with formats that seamlessly blend advertisements with programming.
● Programmatic and Audience Targeting: The companies will jointly test addressable delivery and advanced audience targeting, aiming to make ads more relevant and impactful for viewers.
● Research and Development: A comprehensive research initiative will measure the effectiveness of these new ad formats, assessing their impact and developing frameworks to support ongoing innovation.

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As a leading content producer utilizing the most popular distribution channels, Insight TV is committed to enhancing the ad experience for its viewers. Through this partnership, Insight TVwill leverage Mirriad’s experience and leadership in virtual product placement, including its extensive partner network.
“We’re committed to enhancing our ad experience, making it more impactful and driving revenue,” said Courtney Williams, VP of Sales at Insight TV. “We’ve been exploring opportunities in the past and are now thrilled to partner with industry leaders who are ahead with their platform and integrations, allowing us to advance this agenda significantly.

“Today, Mirriad works with over 60 partners across various sectors,” said Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad. “We are thrilled to welcome Insight TV into our expanding network and look forward to the innovative opportunities this partnership will bring, such as addressable delivery and ad format extensions, and combining these innovations with research to demonstrate their superior effectiveness.
The collaboration will initially focus on popular Insight TV shows such as “Fight to Survive” “Journey Within,” “A Simple Path,” and “Sweet Planet.” Additionally, Insight TV’s new automotive show, “THE RIDE LIFE WITH SUNG KANG,” will be available across Insight TV.

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About Mirriad 
The advertising solution for the streaming age, Mirriad’s multi-patented and award-winning AI-powered virtual product placement platform dynamically inserts brands into Television, Streaming, VOD, Music, and Influencer content. Mirriad creates net-new revenue opportunities for content owners with an ad format that virtually integrates brands in entertainment content, drives exceptional performance for advertisers and dramatically improves the viewing experience. Mirriad currently operates in the US, Europe, and India.

About Insight TV
Based in Amsterdam, Insight TV is the leading Millennial and Gen-Z global broadcaster, distributor, and channel operator, available on over 179 platforms across 56 countries in 12 languages. Focused on real-life, story-driven content, Insight TV inspires and represents global audiences with universal appeal. With offices in Amsterdam, New York, LA, London, Dubai, and Beijing, Insight TV has a global reach, influence, and resources.

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