Outbrain Launches Programmatic Access on AppNexus

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OPA integrates demand partners into Outbrain’s native ecosystem on which customers can bid on CPM basis

Outbrain, a content discovery platform, launched Outbrain Programmatic Access (OPA), on AppNexus.

Brian O’Kelley, CEO, and Co-Founder, AppNexus

Being the first strategic launch partner for OPA, AppNexus marketplace customers can now bid on Outbrain’s inventory on CPM basis. Available to customers worldwide, OPA integrates programmatic demand partners into Outbrain’s largest premium programmatic native ecosystem.

Brian O’Kelley, CEO, and Co-Founder, AppNexus, said “Outbrain has focused on building a leading premium native platform. It has a clear vision of where the industry needs to go and strong values when it comes to brand safety and trust. This collaboration unlocks opportunity for all of our customers around premium native.”

The content discovery platform has always operated as a closed marketplace but the OPA program allows select partners to participate in the marketplace using their own data and technology stacks. OPA also makes it easy for marketers to leverage Outbrain’s proprietary data and technology to access their audience in a native way.

o-Founder & CEO, Outbrain
Yaron Galai, Co-Founder & CEO, Outbrain

In the months to come, Outbrain plans to grow the adoption of OPA, by marketers and premium brands across its major territories.

Yaron Galai, Co-Founder & CEO, Outbrain, commented “Outbrain and AppNexus are the two largest and arguably most visionary companies in the world of digital advertising and together we offer a true bridge between the programmatic display world and the programmatic native world for premium brands. Through this first cooperation, we are able to bring a new premium solution to the marketplace and continue to deliver on our mission to help people discover the most interesting things online – combining respect for the placement and trust of the most premium publishers in the world with true value for users.”

The integration with AppNexus builds on Outbrain’s promise and investment in developing new innovations in targeting, analysis, measurement, and data-driven discovery solutions, complementing their search and social strategies.

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