Pudding.ai and Nielsen Collaborate to Enhance Advertising Creative Data Analysis

AI technology provides advertisers with data-driven actionable insights for creative optimization to better performance and business imperative goals.

Pudding.ai, the real-time ad creative analytics solution, announced today that a strategic relationship with Nielsen has been established to accelerate and advance the capabilities of creative data analysis. By combining efforts, Pudding.ai and Nielsen strive to bring clients closer with their audiences by offering a solution for data-driven advertising decisions. This AI technology helps advertisers better understand which creative elements work, which don’t, why and how to enhance them to increase performance.

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Bringing digital ads closer to specific audiences on social media platforms, TV and streaming channels requires a deep optimization of creative output. Pudding.ai offers the technology to recognise precise components within images, videos, and copy that affect performance for any chosen KPI. Using machine learning data science, Nielsen and Pudding.ai provide advertisers with veritable data to further advance their clients’ campaign goals.

Big data analysis capability allows for further global business imperatives. Beyond brand enhancement and increased conversions, clients can use data to make sure their social values are being represented across digital campaigns. Global responsibility for diversity inclusion within visuals, messaging and campaign concepts is an active objective Pudding.ai and Nielsen are collaborating on.

“Creatives play a huge role in campaign messaging and conversion. Recognising components that your audience responds to is vital for advertisers across media channels,” said Anastasia Logvinenko, CEO and co-founder of Pudding.ai. “This partnership with Nielsen allows us to further advance our AI with big data; to recognise ad concepts and media trends by industry that will take our real-time ad creative intelligence to the next level.”

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Some of the benefits clients can leverage from Pudding.ai today:

– Real-time creative performance data
– Data analysis based on chosen KPIs
– Creative-based insights & suggestions
– KPI-based creative highlights
– Filtering and segmentation capabilities
– Campaign funnel analysis
– Audience and creative fatigue recognition
– Automated ads creative reports
– Predictive analysis
– Inclusive diversity report [beta]

In 2020, Pudding.ai was backed by Nielsen Innovate Fund, an early stage incubator and investment fund. It has received a first-round investment to continue developing an AI solution that is capable of analyzing creatives across all digital platforms. Today, businesses of all sizes are leveraging the Pudding AI platform for analysing Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, InStream and TikTok ad creatives.

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