Quorum’s Integrated Platform Opens New Dimension for Out-of-Home Advertising, Synchronizing Billboards, Mobile and Social Ads, and OOH Response Data

Company Debuts Industry-First Companion Ad Solution at OAAA Geopath Conference

Quorum’s new ad platform for the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry leverages integrated ad channels and centralized data to usher physical billboards into a new realm of effectiveness. The company will debut its solution at the OAAA Geopath Conference in Las Vegas, May 20 – 22, showing how OOH Sales reps can easily add companion mobile and social advertising to existing physical OOH placements within their client’s media plan.

The Quorum system is pre-loaded with Geopath’s complete database of billboard and transit locations across the US, and has the most advanced technology available for building segments of consumers who have traveled past (in the correct direction) specific billboards. Fully integrated with mobile advertising inventory sources including Google Display Network and Facebook, Quorum gives operators and advertisers full access, transparency, insight and control over their mobile and social companion advertising.

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“Digital and printed outdoor bulletins have proven to be effective for advertisers, but they haven’t been fully maximized,” says Ezra Doty, CEO and Co-Founder of Quorum. “By applying mobile retargeting to consumers who have been exposed to brand-focused billboards, with direct response-oriented mobile and social advertising, creates a 1-2 effect, compounding the ROI for both channels. The analytics that come from centralizing data across physical, mobile and social touch points allow marketers to optimize physical media buys like never before, shift digital bulletin budgets on the fly, and better understand what’s driving OOH performance in a local market. The result is more effective outdoor programs and stronger relationships between OOH sales reps and media buyers.”

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Quorum is an out-of-home (OOH) advertising solution that brings together multiple media channels, technologies and outdoor operators to help brands better connect with consumers in motion. Quorum provides advertisers Mobile Ad Retargeting following consumer engagements with OOH and store locations, OOH Performance Analytics, OOH Location and Creative Testing, and Predictive OOH Campaign Performance across all OOH operators and platforms.

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