Reflect and BrightSign Bring Ad-Trafficking Solution to Growing Digital Signage Market

Reflect AdLogic Now Compatible with BrightSign Media Players

AdLogic from Reflect Systems is a powerful ad-trafficking platform that allows for complete campaign management with more intuitive ad scheduling and delivery. It is a unique ad-trafficking platform that runs on widely-used BrightSign media players. This powerful differentiator makes the AdLogic platform an easy choice for many businesses deploying digital signage solutions today.

Using AdLogic, clients can set objectives based on target metrics such as frequency of plays and audience impressions for a particular advertisement. The algorithmic engine at the center of AdLogic balances ad playback to ensure clients achieve particular goals. AdLogic ad deployments on BrightSign media players mean content managers no longer have to worry about a given advertisement’s delivery. Content is displayed automatically based on a store’s location, time of day, or even the types of visitors a location generally gets.

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AdLogic, paired up with BrightSign is a money-saver, a risk-eliminator, and a game-changer.

Matt Schmitt

“When we see an opportunity to make our products better,” says Matt Schmitt, President and Chief Innovation Officer with Reflect, adding, “We invent a solution, improve the process, and our clients enjoy the results.”

With this powerful combination of technologies, digital signage networks can now effectively deliver advertising based on impressions, frequency, and intended audiences. Packaged with an easy-to-interpret, easy-to-use report with verified playback data, AdLogic running on BrightSign media players is an extremely powerful platform.

Jeff Hastings

“BrightSign is pleased to support this proven ad-trafficking solution from Reflect. We are always supportive of partner integrations that deliver a better experience for the end-user,” noted Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign.

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