Reklamstore Accepts Payments Through Cryptocurrencies For Their Latest Product

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ReklamStore, a leading data-driven digital advertising platform, announced recently that they have started accepting payments with cryptocurrencies for their newest product ReklamStore DSP. It is an easy to use advertising platform that everyone can create their own campaigns across all online channels. ReklamStore DSP uses real-time bidding technology and programmatic advertising in its core features.

Reklamstore Accepts Payments Through Cryptocurrencies For Their Latest Product
Sencan Ozen

“We created this product for everyone who wants to promote their products/services. And we really think that it’ll be useful for a lot of marketers, agencies, ad networks and affiliate marketers,” informed Sencan Ozen, Founder of ReklamStore.

Ozen also mentioned the importance of the cryptocurrencies, “Today cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon known to many people. Most of us probably think of finance when we think of cryptocurrencies, but the blockchain technology which is powering cryptocurrencies has tremendous power to disrupt other sectors, too. So we decided to integrate cryptocurrency payment method to all products of ReklamStore. We started with our newest product which is a self-serve advertising platform.”

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Advertisers can run their ads on the self-serve demand-side platform, use domain list templates and pay with credit card, PayPal or major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

ReklamStore has been innovating new technologies in ad tech industry since 2007. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, ReklamStore is also well known by its affiliate network and SSP. It has significant existence in global ad tech market with its offices in Istanbul, Dubai and Tel Aviv and exports the technologies it developed to almost all of the continents such as North America, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

ReklamStore offers data-centric performance solutions for advertisers and publishers. It provides online advertising solutions for advertisers to target the right audience with the right ad model by analyzing users’ demographics, interest, and behavior according to their web browsing history. Through this, advertisers can easily execute effective and efficient online marketing strategies to reach their targets.

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