Renegade Successfully Integrates OTT Offering for Client Success

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Hunt Valley-Based Marketing Agency, Successfully Integrates Ott to Increase Client ROI

With a growing number of video platforms available to consumers, Renegade Communications is pleased to announce the launch of their OTT offering, further increasing their capabilities in media strategy, placement, and insights.

OTT  is streaming media content delivered online, directly to consumers. This platform is a favorite of cord-cutters, an increasingly large group of consumers who cancel their subscriptions to cable in lieu of getting their content from the internet. The customer base for traditional pay TV shrank by 3.7% in 2017, according to data by S&P Global Market Intelligence firm Kagan, with a total of 98 million households reporting as Cable + Streaming and an additional 5.4 million as broadband only.

To target these audiences, Renegade’s media house focuses on incorporating OTT platforms as part of an integrated omni-channel strategy, which often includes traditional, digital, social media, and search platforms as well. This robust team has a unique proficiency in multi-channel video marketing, utilizing content from television spots on streaming services, OTT platforms, and within social media. With over $10M in spend by mid-year, Renegade is notably one of the region’s largest media agencies in 2018.

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Tim Watkins
Tim Watkins

“Having an intelligent media offering means you aren’t simply saturating every platform with singular messaging,” says CEO Tim Watkins. “We see the importance of omni-channel marketing piece with targeted multi-message content. It is crucial to getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. Renegade is committed to delivering the media solutions that fit each client’s goals and optimizing each channel to guarantee the greatest ROI.”

Renegade has invested in the latest software, analytics and media intelligence programs to aid in the tracking and optimization of its client’s marketing portfolio in real-time, recognizing data transparency is key when examining new tactics and building trust. Renegade’s media house continues to focus on being proactive and responsive as these shifts in the landscape continue, to stay in touch with new platforms and technologies as well as consumer preferences.

Stefanie Nimick
Stefanie Nimick

The agency, which celebrates their 30th anniversary this year, has been optimizing brands and maximizing client returns since their start in 1988. Today they count several Fortune 100 companies as media clients, including Starz, NBCUniversal, Animal Planet, and Hallmark.

“Renegade’s expertise, steady reliability and focus, and how they embedded with the Starz team to execute on campaign elements was truly amazing,” remarked Stefanie Nimick, SVP of Distribution at Starz. “This campaign broke records and genuinely stunned us all. Really incredible.”

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