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Sharethrough Stitches Programmatic Ad Integration with Adelphic to Attract Ad Investments

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Media ad buying is growing at a rapid pace. In order to keep up with the pace of the ad tech market, leading native ad supply solution providers are harbingering on the thought of integrating their offerings with omnichannel programmatic ad integration platforms. That’s exactly what Sharethrough aims to achieve with Adelphic.

Sharethrough, the all-in-one native advertising software for publishers, app developers, and advertisers, announced the integration of its supply-side platform (SSP) with Adelphic, a mobile and omnichannel programmatic ad demand-side platform (DSP).

The decision to integrate with the native programmatic ad platform perfectly aligns with Sharethrough’s immediate business objectives – to take on Facebook in the programmatic ad selling marketplace.

Sharethrough bringing Adelphic into its native advertising strategy aims to empower media buyers with seamless access to in-feed display and video placements across mobile and app sites. For advertisers who used Adelphic’s DSP, the Sharethrough Exchange will be readily available.

For Sharethrough, Adelphic becomes the first DSP that allows third-party buyers to purchase native video placements on the Sharethrough Exchange programmatically. It will comply with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s OpenRTB 2.3 specification, the standard to regularize use of component parts for real-time native ads trading.

Though native advertising is not a new thing for the advertisers, the way consumers experience the brands across various channels of engagement pose a huge challenge them. Mobile advertising is expected to run away with the majority of the ad spend in 2017. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for the advertisers to negotiate through the complexities of consumer experiences and adapt to the changing content experiences across different screens.

Adelphic, the Waltham-based start-up, is known as a key innovator in the mobile and cross-channel ad tech ecosystem, developing patented technologies to overcome challenging customer experience issues. With Adelphic, brands can break down billions of data points along the customer journey, deriving high-value analytics on customers who are most likely to convert.

Sharethrough currently offers a complete series of native ad stack for direct and indirect sales and content promotion. The company has some of the biggest brands in its clientele, including Time Inc, Forbes, and Hearst. Matching steps with Adelphic will enable Sharethrough publishers to switch between omnichannel and people-based marketing platforms seamlessly.

Programmatic ad integration between SSP and DSP will make ad tech more relevant and accurate, finally delivering all the “rights” – user, message, place, time and experience.

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