Shoppable® Expands Direct-to-Consumer Lite Platform with New Ad Experience Solution

The Shoppable® Ad Experience™ was created out of demand from CPGs and manufacturers to offer a similar solution, but for paid advertising campaigns

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This comprehensive commerce solution allows advertisers to fully track and capture first as well as zero-party data all the way through conversion

Shoppable®, the patented universal shopping cart technology and instant checkout platform, announced today the launch of Shoppable® Ad Experience™, a new, turnkey direct-to-consumer “DTC” platform for brands to directly engage with consumers in a landing page environment and enable advertisers and publishers to facilitate closed-loop transactions from all digital, social, and paid media channels.

Following rapid growth and client feedback with enterprise consumer packaged goods (CPG) clients with the Shoppable DTC Lite™ solution, the new Shoppable Ad Experience™ is an extension of the initial product and a direct outcome of client feedback and market demand. The new solution also comes at a time when advertisers continue to struggle to find an effective solution that allows them to track the efficiency of their media campaigns all the way through to an order.

Shoppable® Ad Experience™ enables advertisers to capture zero- and first-party data and allows them to maximize revenue – all without being merchant of record or managing inventory and distribution. The solution also removes the need for advertisers to send shoppers to a retailer’s website, a common practice that often results in broken link-offs for the consumer, loss and lack of data or terminated purchases. Shoppable® Ad Experience is an official partner of Pinterest® and allows brands and marketers to seamlessly integrate shopping experiences into paid search, display and social media plans and therefore eliminate multiple link offs that often result in consumer frustration and lost sales.

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“Our new Shoppable Ad Experience™ solves a number of challenges for CPG brands and manufacturers while also expediting the setup process in record time – in as little as 20 minutes,” said Heather Marie Udo, CEO and Founder of Shoppable®. “This new extension of our platform allows advertisers to keep first party data and track campaign efficacy all the way through to conversions. Without it, advertisers and media buys can’t follow their spend and consumer traffic will continue to get lost. And, by enabling transactions within a single screen checkout experience, the new platform will accelerate consumer engagement and drive sales.”

PadSquad, an industry leader in digital creative and media, is working with Shoppable® on the new Shoppable® Ad Experience™. PadSquad partnered with Shoppable® in 2020, to bring creative and commerce together in high-impact digital ads. The new release of the “Shoppable Ad Experience™ helps their team minimize friction and speed up their process and workflow.

The Shoppable Ad Experience™ can be live in just one day without any engineering resources as clients can build the landing page shopping environment through a modular, web-based, tool allowing for various types of content, videos or images, products and the patented Universal Checkout option including the option of one or multiple retailers in a single order. The platform also allows users to update and edit the content instantly or duplicate campaigns for performance testing. The licensed Shoppable Ad Experience™ allows advertisers to get to market and begin selling faster with less administrative burden and lost resources, all while the merchant/retailer continues to process payment and manage inventory and fulfillment.

With this new model, Shoppable is removing even more friction from the e-commerce process. Through its universal checkout, consumers will stay in the native environment and enjoy options of how to transact, allowing them to checkout instantly, get a reminder, or checkout on a retailer’s website based on best price and availability of products.

As Shoppable® grows with clients, the platform also serves as a roadmap for a brand, retailers’, or publishers’ e-commerce roadmap. By operating as both an insight and brand experience platform, Shoppable is the only company that can provide full insights into the entire sales funnel from the point of discovery to product purchase.

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