Skai Deepens Full-Funnel, Omnichannel Solution for Commerce Media Advertisers

Suite of innovative media and analytics capabilities announced at ShopAble 2024 spans commerce display, social commerce, incrementality measurement, next-generation performance optimization, a Gen AI copilot to unlock data and insights within Skai Decision Pro, and more

Skai, the leading omnichannel advertising platform focused on walled garden media, announced the next stage of its evolution at ShopAble 2024, the premier event for brands, agencies, and retailers, by presenting a suite of full-funnel innovations that will enable marketers to maximize their investments in the next generation of commerce media and analytics.

As retail media grows beyond the virtual walls of retailer websites, advertisers are no longer limiting themselves to onsite ad placements — 65% are incorporating social commerce into their retail media strategy and 60% are utilizing offsite ads, per the 2024 State of Retail Media Report from Skai and Path to Purchase Institute. Retailers’ rich first-party data is being used to create audiences on other channels and run full-funnel campaigns for both endemic and non-endemic brands — the defining paradigm of commerce media, which will transform how marketers generate awareness, encourage consideration, and drive purchases for years to come.

“It is essential for brands to not only recognize this organic progression to commerce media, but to also re-align their processes, frameworks, and platforms in order to succeed in this emerging area,” said Guy Cohen, Chief Product Officer at Skai. “Commerce media is both full-funnel and omnichannel by nature and the Skai platform – with 18 years of industry-leading decisioning, activation, and optimization solutions across all top performance media channels – is uniquely positioned to empower media leaders and activation teams to unlock this huge opportunity.”

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The next-level capabilities introduced at ShopAble 2024 address every phase of the funnel, making the Skai platform even more indispensable to omnichannel marketers:

Commerce Display: Advertisers can use Skai’s audience analysis insights and management to reach the right consumers in the right places – thanks to display and CTV inventory over a wide net of platforms, including Amazon Ads, Instacart Ads, Microsoft Invest, and Walmart Connect – in the right way, with advanced capabilities for viewing performance insights, enhancing audience targeting, and gaining a deeper understanding of creative performance.

Social Commerce: Having anticipated the rising demand for social commerce, Skai is singularly prepared to provide enhanced support and allow marketers to connect the dots across social publishers — now including TikTok and Snap — with comprehensive campaign management, optimization capabilities, and creative and budget planning intelligence, all from one easy-to-use platform. Skai’s dynamic optimizations allow marketers to scale on social with personalized and tailored creatives, while also giving them the option to let consumers choose where and how they want to shop.

Commerce Incrementality: Incrementality measurement has become a critical challenge to marketers, from basic proficiency to limited toolsets to proving investment. Skai’s new Commerce Incrementality hub allows advertisers to configure, track, and analyze all incrementality identifiers and visualize, customize, and correlate top-of-mind incrementality indicators of their choosing, such as iROAS, new-to-brand metrics, organic vs. ad-attributed sales, market share, branded vs. non-branded search, and more. The hub also allows clients to use pre-configured incrementality experiments, audits, and automatic actions all with one click, and to receive invaluable incrementality improvement recommendations and best practices.

Next-Generation Commerce Optimization: Building on its already rich and powerful capabilities, Skai’s next-generation approach to commerce media management expands its AI-driven and user-friendly workflows to enable advertisers to customize their own algorithmic optimizations. This groundbreaking platform can integrate with any data point, connect an advertiser’s strategy to any performance goal, and execute media actions across channels, campaigns, products, keywords, and more to meet any specific objective.

Executive Copilot: With Skai Decision Pro, media executives already have a purpose-built solution for overseeing and orchestrating their advertising programs across any channel and publisher. With the addition of Executive Copilot, media leaders will be able to interact directly with their data, explore spend and performance changes, and uncover anomalies in a conversational experience powered by Generative AI. Designed to help accelerate smart decision-making at the highest levels, this chatbot functionality will roll out this year across the wider Skai platform to facilitate coordination, time savings, and greater insights for media activation teams as well.

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