Stirista Launches Unique Omnichannel Retargeting Solution

Visitor ID Graph Gives Website Owners Access to Previously Unobtainable Opted-In Visitor Data

Stirista, the San Antonio based digital marketing agency, announced the launch of Visitor ID Graph. Visitor ID Graph, is a first of its kind omnichannel solution which empowers any company with a web presence unfettered access to its visitor data at a granularity previously unobtainable from anonymized data.

Using Stirista’s database of over 250 million clean, up-to-date, and triple verified data points, Visitor ID Graph is capable of identifying and providing detailed analytics about website visitors, their demographic breakdown, income, name, credit ranges, personal interests, and more. In addition, Visitor ID Graph gives users the option to buy segmented lists of their website visitors. This allows businesses to create and run omnichannel customer retention campaigns across email, social media platforms, display ads, and direct mail. Because this information comes only from previously opted-in data shared by each person, personal privacy is retained.

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“As companies continue to search for new ways to increase brand loyalty while competing with the likes of Walmart and Amazon, they should look inward towards their site visitors,” said Ajay Gupta, CEO of Stirista. “What Visitor ID Graph gives these site owners is the insight they need to create the unique and personalized experiences their customers can’t get anywhere else. With the data from Visitor ID Graph they can create a digital experience which fosters loyalty and ultimately sales.”

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Visitor ID Graph utilizes IP, cookie, and device information data to de-anonymize website visitors by matching to Stirista’s consumer file. The result is the creation of a robust data file which includes the user’s email, name, postal information, and the web pages they visited.

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