Unmetric Adds Instagram Impressions & Reach Data and Campaign Intelligence to Social Media Analytics Product

Enables Social Media Analysts to Estimate Impressions & Reach of Instagram Posts, as Well as Track and Benchmark Instagram Campaign Performance

Unmetric, an enterprise solution for branded content analysis and discovery, announced it added data on Instagram post impressions (number of times a post is displayed) and reach (number of people who saw a post) to its Analyze product. The company also added Instagram Campaign Intelligence to the platform. Analyze for social media analysts is one of three core Unmetric products alongside Discover for brand content creators and Track for marketers.

Unmetric adding Instagram impressions & reach data to its platform is significant, as existing solutions for Instagram measure reach based solely on the absolute number of audience interactions a post receives and number of followers for their own brand page, making it a challenge for social media analysts to both understand the true influence of their campaigns and benchmark against competitors.

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Unmetric uses machine learning algorithms to estimate a brand’s Instagram post reach and impressions based on a number of factors including the time of day the content was posted, type of post, region of brand, and the number, type, and velocity of audience interactions (e.g. Shares affect reach more than Likes).

“To date, estimating impressions and reach for brands and their competitors on Instagram has been a challenge due to the limited availability of markers that impact these metrics. Understanding how many times a post is viewed, by both passive and active participants, requires capturing complex patterns in audience interactions, which is not possible by simplistic algebraic models,” said Kumar Krishnasami, Head of Product. “However, our Machine Learning based approach addresses these issues, pulling engagement data in real time and taking into account a variety of factors so we can provide the most accurate estimate of influence, reach, and impressions, for competitive tracking as well as improving one’s own campaigns.”

Unmetric’s new Instagram Campaign Intelligence feature uses AI-driven insights to showcase the performance of any brand’s campaigns on Instagram. Unmetric tracks any brand’s past and ongoing campaigns and provides detailed interaction metrics such as likes, comments, and video views, as well as engagement over time. Brands can harness Instagram Campaign Intelligence in two ways:

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Focus on one brand’s campaigns: Brands can focus on improving their own campaigns by tracking their performance in real time. Alternatively, they can gather intel on other brand’s past and ongoing campaigns. Brands can view metrics for individual brand campaigns, as well as a breakdown of metrics for each post that is part of the campaign.

Compare campaigns: Brands can benchmark their campaigns with competitors and see how the perform head to head. Brands can also see how competitors’ campaigns performed against each other and use those insights when planning their own campaigns.

“Brands are increasingly flocking to Instagram due to its superiority among social platforms in successfully engaging consumers. It’s important for brands to identify competitive campaigns and accurately understand their effectiveness, especially as Instagram continues to grow in popularity,” said Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric. “The ability to track campaigns is one of the top features our brand and agency clients request. Instagram Campaign Intelligence will give our clients access to this much-needed data along with detailed metrics, ensuring our clients fully understand their campaign performance — what is working and what isn’t — in real time, particularly in terms of measuring influence as gauged against other brands.”

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