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Third-Party Nielsen Data Underscores the Advertising Power and Performance of the NTN Buzztime DOOH Network, Ranked #8 in North America in Impressions

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NTN Buzztime, Inc. presented the findings from a third-party survey conducted in March 2019 by Nielsen On Location, which measures audience metrics for digital-out-of-home (DOOH) video broadcasts.

The survey results prove that Buzztime provides unparalleled reach and engagement for advertisers on its network, which is broadcast on over 12,000 TV and 65,000 tablet screens at over 2,600 venues in North America. Nielsen estimates that the Buzztime DOOH network delivers over 93.5 million gross minute impressions per month, per advertiser. Based on gross impressions, Buzztime is the #8 DOOH video network in America.

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“The research by Nielsen highlights the power of our DOOH network to deliver exceptional results for advertisers. Not only is their brand message seen over 93 million times per month, those impressions occur at a pivotal, powerful touchpoint: when people are deeply engaged in Buzztime’s interactive entertainment, trivia, and games. This means that advertisers can make an impactful, one-on-one connection with the viewer,” said Ram Krishnan, NTN Buzztime CEO.

Another key value point for advertisers revealed in the Nielsen data is the extremely high visibility of the Buzztime DOOH network: 76% of patrons within a venue watch Buzztime programming. This proves the ability of the network to hold audience attention, even in busy bars and restaurants.

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In addition, the average dwell time of a Buzztime player is 74 minutes, so advertisers are utilizing the network’s platform to deliver a high frequency of impressions per viewer.

“As Buzztime explores additional vertical markets, the strength of our DOOH network is a key growth opportunity for our company. At the same time, we’re making the Buzztime network even more accessible to new advertising partners by leveraging the trend of programmatic ad buying. Buzztime has a significant presence on many of the leading advertising exchange platforms, where top brands are purchasing DOOH,” added Krishnan.

Buzztime is well-positioned to capitalize on the exponential growth of the DOOH industry as a whole. According to the Global Digital Signage Market Report, released by Market Reports in April 2019, DOOH is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 6.73% rate through 2022. As advertisers increasingly turn to DOOH to engage with their target audiences, Buzztime is poised to deliver a strong ROI to advertisers across its robust network.

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