What Are The Two Most Powerful Words In Advertising? “Call Now”

The two most powerful words in advertising are “CALL NOW”.

The 800-CALL-NOW™.com Portfolio is now available worldwide. Other vanity numbers have been released, but never in such a complete corporate portfolio.

Vanity Phone Numbers are sought out by savvy marketers who understand the long-term impact of a memorable call-to-action. These numbers translate into direct sales and add credibility and value to any brand. Services now include texting, social media integration, as well as live agents.

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New England 800 Company Appoints Darryl Ferdinand of Best Phone Numbers as Demand for Vanity Numbers Increases

Consumers can instantly create a relationship to a brand. With multiple ways to engage an audience, calling by phone is still the number one way for prospects and clients to engage quickly and effectively. Companies spend millions of dollars on thirty second commercials on TV, radio and online ads. This incredible call-to-action will deliver the maximum return possible.

Advertising agencies need to create a memory retention factor, extending the Period-Of-Impact for every ad impression. A fifteen or thirty second commercial may have sufficient impact to increase sales over short periods, but if the audience can’t remember the contact phone number or the way to text or visit an advertiser the return on investment diminishes dramatically. Just imagine the memorable value when an audience can reach an advertiser by calling, texting, or visiting a single unforgettable number/domain combination – one they have heard repeated thousands of times already, and this time it is also the phone number and website address. And imagine the resulting referrals and conversations that will be built around every one of these impressions.

According to Ferdinand, “A single, easy to remember, domain and number will spark an instant memory recall and connection between the Brand and their many publics.” Entire corporate portfolios such as the 800-CALL-NOW.com Portfolio are rare and only the tip of the iceberg for this dynamic duo. Ferdinand helps corporations focus on branding and using high-value numbers realize their sales potential.

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The collaboration between New England 800 Company and Best Phone Numbers brings together two powerful forces to maximize the impact of these properties.

Darryl Ferdinand is a successful entrepreneur launching his phone number business in 2003 and distinguishing himself as an expert in a little-known market. He has helped hundreds of businesses improve their ROI with vanity numbers.

New England 800 Company has delivered award-winning contact center and advertising response services across more than three decades. Together this team delivers a powerhouse of products and services.

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