Veritone and Base Media Cloud Announce Six-Year Agreement with Extreme E to Enable Global Content Distribution and Instant Accessibility

The collaboration supports Extreme E’s mission to drive awareness around sustainability and climate change

Veritone, Inc., the creator of the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE™, together with Base Media Cloud, announced a new six-year agreement with Extreme E through their production partners Aurora Media Worldwide and North One. Extreme E is a sports organization that uses groundbreaking electric SUVs to race in remote parts of the world while raising awareness for climate change.

The Extreme E series will launch in April 2021 in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, and will continue in Senegal, Greenland, Brazil and Argentina. To produce video coverage of its races, Extreme E will use cutting-edge technology, including track, on-board and POV cameras, drones, virtual reality and augmented reality, to stream footage on a variety of digital platforms. Additional clips will be generated for and distributed to global rights holders, TV shows, documentary series and social media. Extreme E required a solution that would make all of this possible, while also remaining dedicated to environmentally conscious production.

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“Because our races take place in remote locations, and we don’t want to damage the delicate locations that need protection, we’re a TV-only sports product –– which is very rare, considering the popularity of live sports,” said Dave Adey, head of broadcast and technology for Extreme E. “Our content is our most valuable asset, and the robust management of that is essential. Veritone not only exceeded that need, but matched our mission of sustainability that is critical to our goal of advancing climate change awareness.”

The six-year agreement will provide Extreme E with access to a sports-specific, multi-cloud distribution solution created by Veritone and Base Media Cloud, a centralized cloud storage provider. The solution combines accelerated file transfer and cloud object storage services from Base Media Cloud with Veritone’s intelligent digital asset management platform, Digital Media Hub, to drive complex, cloud-native remote workflows, enabling smart global content distribution and its instant accessibility across the globe for Extreme E.

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Veritone and Base Media Cloud support Extreme E’s mission of raising awareness for climate change; the combined solution is built purposefully on public cloud infrastructures that require fewer servers and lower electricity consumption. Furthermore, Veritone shares Extreme E’s mission of sustainability with its recently launched Veritone Energy, a suite of AI-powered energy solutions that accelerate the world’s transition to more sustainable, reliable and affordable energy by making clean energy production more predictable, efficient and cost effective.

“Alongside Base Media Cloud, we’re thrilled to begin working with Extreme E to help them create efficiencies, expand distribution and monetize their content through our platform,” said David Candler, senior director of customer solutions for Veritone. “Our unmatched expertise in the sports media and entertainment industry and the green energy space provides us with a unique vantage point to meet Extreme E’s global content management needs, while also furthering their mission of driving environmental awareness.”

Veritone and Base Media Cloud began their partnership nearly four years ago, when they created one of the first sports-specific, multi-cloud distribution solutions, which is already used to meet the unique needs of some of the world’s largest sports federations and media organizations, including Formula E.

“We’re excited to partner with Veritone to power Extreme E’s unique motor sport production coverage from some of the world’s most remote locations,” said Ben Foakes, founder of Base Media Cloud. “Our solution will enable easier remote editing and automate distribution workflows, ultimately providing increased access to Extreme E’s footage and bringing awareness to the critical cause of climate change.”

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