DemandLab Launches Sightline, a SaaS Business Confidence Solution that Delivers Fast, Accurate B2B Marketing Attribution

Marketing consultancy DemandLab launches the first SaaS solution to merge seamlessly with Marketo and Salesforce and enable B2B organizations to confidently measure the impact of full-funnel marketing on revenue

DemandLab, a technology-focused marketing consultancy, released Sightline, a business confidence solution that collects marketing and sales data across multiple marketing platforms and demand generation channels and creates a holistic record of the lifecycle for each customer.

Sightline was developed by marketers for marketers who manage long, complex B2B lead lifecycles for enterprise organizations and struggle to connect the dots across multiple channels and platforms, generate customer insights, and accurately measure their impact on revenue.

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The solution addresses one of the most challenging issues for B2B marketers—how to assess the revenue impact of their full-funnel marketing activities. Sightline’s proprietary data framework enables B2B marketers to collect and analyze the data they need to evaluate and optimize channel and campaign performance, calculate marketing ROI, and prove marketing’s impact on the organization’s earned revenue.

“We developed Sightline to address one of the biggest hurdles our clients face,” said Rhoan Morgan, Co-Founder and CEO of DemandLab. “The B2B buyer journey can be long and complex, making it challenging to measure the revenue impact of full-funnel marketing activities. Sightline connects the dots and delivers the accurate, credible attribution data that marketers need to confidently prove marketing’s impact.”

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Sightline’s flexible framework enables marketers to slice and dice lifecycle and financial data to:

  • Calculate ROI on the marketing investment
  • Make an iron-clad case for additional marketing resources
  • Demonstrate marketing’s direct impact on sales
  • Generate actionable insights into buying behaviors
  • Accurately measure and optimize marketing effectiveness

Unlike traditional, platform-based attribution solutions, Sightline does not require organizations to change or augment their technologies and processes. Instead, it applies a lightweight and flexible data framework that works in the background to collect and consolidate lifecycle data effortlessly.

“Sightline’s powerful attribution framework is designed to mesh seamlessly with an organization’s existing marketing and sales operations,” said Eric Hollebone, Chief Services Officer at DemandLab. “While other solutions impose resource-intensive integration and workflow requirements on the organization, Sightline operates invisibly in the background for existing marketing and sales workflows and touchpoints.”

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