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QuanticMind Unveils New Interface for Search and Shopping Platform Powered by Machine Learning

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Improves Usability for Powerful Reporting and Enhanced Collaboration and Workflow

QuanticMind, the platform for smarter advertising, today announced its newly revamped user interface for its Search and Shopping solution. The latest generation of the QuanticMind platform gives marketers powerful reporting, enhanced collaboration features and a frictionless experience, enabling Search and Shopping performance optimization with unprecedented control and precision.

“Today’s marketers cannot win without using predictive advertising”

A data science-powered platform, QuanticMind drives performance and profit margins for enterprise-scale organizations through two products: QuanticMind Search, a solution that enables efficient campaign management, robust insights, and reporting, and granular bidding optimization, and QuanticMind Shopping, which drives shopping performance via powerful campaign and feed management, reporting, and optimization functionality. By empowering marketers to eliminate wasted advertising spend and capitalize on missed opportunities, these granular gains drive macro-level performance improvements.

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Graeme Fordyce
Graeme Fordyce

“Today’s marketers cannot win without using predictive advertising,” said Graeme Fordyce, VP of User Experience and Design, QuanticMind. “We engineered the next generation of our platform to make marketing easier than ever. Not only will the augmented QuanticMind quickly surface the best advertising opportunities for a given audience, but the new UI also enables marketers to spend less time managing workflow and reporting so they can focus on what truly matters: improved data visualization and performance.”

Kalle Tompros
Kalle Tompros

Designed for a seamless user experience, the new UI includes advanced reporting and widget creation, improved workflow, and a modernized look and feel. Users can now create reports faster and an intuitive new dashboard wizard makes workflow more efficient. Modern, simplified and consistent design language make the user interface quicker and easier to work with. A more efficient experience for customers results in a more pleasurable app to work with daily as well as a more flexible and extensible product for future improvements.

“The new UI has the same comfort and ease of use that the old UI did, but with many marked upgrades,” said Kalle Tompros, Senior SEM Manager at Futuredontics, parent company of 1-800-DENTIST. “Searching for segments and filters has made reporting and data viewing much easier and faster, while the dashboard views are much more dynamic and easier to manipulate. All of these updates will definitely improve workflow and efficiency!”

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