Reachdesk Announces Company-Wide Carbon Neutrality

– In honor of Earth Day 2022, the company also announces a long-term commitment to partner with Rewards.Earth to plant trees around the world –

Reachdesk, the only global, data-driven gifting platform, announced the company is officially carbon neutral as of March 2022. Reachdesk has worked with its marketplace, logistics, and charity partners to create a more sustainable future for corporate gifting and to fully offset its carbon impact on the planet.

“Our mission at Reachdesk is to create moments that matter at scale while ensuring our work has the smallest impact on the planet, and we’ve now done just that by reaching our goal of being a carbon neutral global company,” said Temy Mancusi-Ungaro, Chief Executive Officer at Reachdesk. “There are two major aspects of sustainability when it comes to gifting; number one is the sourcing of gifts and number two is the shipping of the gifts themselves, and I’m pleased to report we’re positively creating change on both fronts.”

Reachdesk partnered with Green Places, the all-in-one sustainability platform, to calculate the overall impact gifting has had on the planet, measure its total carbon emission output as a company, and create a strategy to reduce emissions wherever possible.

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“Reachdesk is doing a great job of creating a more sustainable corporate gifting solution,” said Alex Lassiter, Founder and CEO of Green Places. “In addition to offering sustainable gift options, Reachdesk is committed to implementing sustainable practices within all areas of their business. Green Places is proud to be Reachdesk’s chosen partner to help bring their green initiatives to life.”

In an effort to continue making a positive impact on the planet, Reachdesk has implemented the following initiatives:

  • Partnered with Sustainable Vendors: Developed partnerships with marketplace vendors across the globe who are committed to conscious and sustainable practices, including Fairware, Project Merchandise and more;
  • Expanded its Network of Local Vendors around the world: Buying and shipping locally reduces cost, time, and global emissions;
  • Implemented Sustainable Gifting Options: Added more than 55 charitable/sustainable eGift options to the Reachdesk platform, allowing end-users to donate instead of claiming a physical gift;
  • Established a Green Team: Created an internal team with one representative from each department, who will implement actions at the ground level to proactively reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainability efforts across the company’s three offices.
  • Planted Trees Around the World: Partnered with Rewards.Earth to plant trees around the world, offsetting CO2 and combating climate change;

“We are delighted to be partnering with Reachdesk to make a positive impact on the environmental and social space,” said Jim Holland, Co-founder, and CEO of Rewards.Earth. “Together, we can offset CO2 and combat climate change, all while spreading joy via a gift. The trees we plant across the globe will only further our mission to be net-zero worldwide by 2030.”

The team at Reachdesk recognizes how imperative it is that companies of all sizes take action and embrace the benefits of a green economy, which directly ties into its sustainable gifting strategy. “Our vision is to create a world in which every business is loved by its customers, employees, and the planet,” added Mancusi-Ungaro.

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