RxDefine Launches New Telehealth Product for Life Sciences Brands

RxDefine continues to strengthen its healthcare engagement platform with the addition of RxTelehealth for virtual care

RxDefine, a leading engagement platform dedicated to educating and empowering healthcare consumers and HCPs, announced the launch of RxTelehealth, its telehealth solution for life sciences brands. RxDefine’s mission is to ethically empower people to navigate their own health decisions, and the launch of RxTelehealth is a critical step toward living this mission. For more information about telehealth for life sciences brands, read RxDefine’s two-part series, 5 questions to ask about whether telehealth is right for your life sciences brand, and 5 things to look for when choosing a telehealth provider.

“RxDefine is about making healthcare easier – for consumers, for health care providers, and for everyone else on the journey,” said Dr. Chase Feiger, CEO of RxDefine. “By giving consumers a simple, streamlined way to access independent clinicians who can address their healthcare needs, RxTelehealth is another way that RxDefine is reducing friction and improving the consumer experience.”

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RxTelehealth builds upon the foundation of RxDefine’s core product, RxNavigate, which offers consumers and HCPs:

  • A personalized journey that addresses their individual needs.
  • One-to-one interaction with a live brand navigator, to help them get the education they need about a therapeutic or medical device.

RxTelehealth continues this consumer journey by leveraging a consumer-like experience coupled with an independent third-party telemedicine platform to provide consumers with an opportunity to seamlessly engage with a clinician.

Based on results from early adopters, RxDefine has found that the pairing of RxNavigate and RxTelehealth together has resulted in significant increases in consumer engagement. Specifically, data shows that consumers who have a pre-telehealth experience via RxNavigate are 2-4 times more likely to complete a started telehealth consultation.

“In launching RxTelehealth, our goal is to set the standard for what telehealth solutions for life sciences brands should be,” said Gurjeev Singh, director of product management at RxDefine. “That means we’ve designed this product with the consumer front-and-center – so that we can reduce friction, improve engagement, and deliver a truly superior experience.”

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