Brainshark Named Among ‘Best Sales Enablement Solutions for Building Better Sales Brains’ in New Analyst Report

Amalgam Insights’ First-of-its-Kind Research – Which Evaluates Sales Readiness Offerings from a Brain Science Perspective – Recognizes Brainshark’s Solutions for Creating an Always-Ready Sales Force

Brainshark, Inc., delivering SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, today announced it is a featured solution provider in the newly published “Vendor SmartListTM: 2018’s Best Sales Enablement Solutions for Building Better Sales Brains” report – authored by leading technology research firm Amalgam Insights. The report – the first to evaluate sales enablement solutions from a brain science perspective – identifies “the top solutions to help sales VPs and sales managers to better train their teams across the multiple areas that salespeople must master.”

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According to the report: “The best sales enablement and training solutions are aligned with the learning science – the marriage of psychology and brain science – and optimally engage the ‘what,’ ‘how’ and ‘feel’ systems in the brain.” Mapping critical sales training aspects and processes to these three distinct learning systems, the report evaluates how well solutions solve various sales readiness challenges: including stimulating learning, sustaining knowledge, and promoting development of key skills and aptitudes.

Amalgam Insights Research Fellow Todd Maddox, Ph.D., the report author and an expert in quantitative and cognitive psychology, human learning and memory, and training optimization, commented: “Brainshark makes it easy to create engaging and memorable content to power sales readiness. Combine this with AI-powered scoring and analysis for video coaching, and you have a platform that effectively engages the relevant learning systems and trains better sales brains.”

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Brainshark’s award-winning sales readiness solutions prepare salespeople where, when and how they work. The company’s training and coaching offerings effectively address and engage the brain’s learning systems, as defined in the report:

  • Cognitive skills learning system (knowing facts; “the what” system): The report cited the ease of creating and delivering memorable sales training content through Brainshark – accessible 24×7 on the devices and systems reps use every day, and creating an “always-ready sales force.” Sales organizations can deliver formal and informal training through Brainshark’s on-demand learning environment, as well as push out bite-sized, just-in-time learning videos for anytime, anywhere consumption and refreshers.
  • Behavioral skills learning system (learning behaviors; “the how” system): Brainshark’s video-based sales coaching solution is a coaching, practice and assessment environment – enabling reps to submit videos (practicing a pitch, etc.) for review, and master key messages and aptitudes. According to the report, Brainshark’s new Machine Analysis engine – an add-on, artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution that provides automated insights and scoring – primes participants for positive behavioral change.
  • Emotional learning system (reading people/situations; “the feel” system): Through its multipronged sales readiness approach, products and services, Brainshark embraces that sales training is unique because sales situations are always changing. The report notes: “Brainshark helps learners react quickly to readiness needs during onboarding, as new products are launched, when new markets open up and when rolling out new sales methodologies.”

“The information sellers need, and the level at which they need it, is unique for most sales organizations – and that information is always changing,” said Brendan Cournoyer, Brainshark’s vice president of marketing. “The million-dollar question is: ‘How do you get your sales force to a state of perpetual readiness?’ Brainshark provides an all-encompassing solution for creating high-impact learning content, imparting knowledge effectively and making it stick, so companies can address every aspect of sales readiness – from foundational onboarding, to continuous learning, sales transformations and reactive learning needs.”

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