BasicOps, an intuitive digital hub that enables collaboration and communication across tasks and projects that can be used by startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, today announced that it will offer an expanded solution for an unlimited number of users and 10 projects, for life. The offering has been expanded in an effort to simplify peoples’ lives at work and home and help eliminate workplace app overload, as BasicOps seamlessly integrates with Slack, Zoom, Gmail, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive and more.

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According to a recent report, From Workplace Chaos to Zen: How App Overload Is Reshaping the Digital Workplace, 69 percent of workers waste up to one hour each day navigating between myriad communications apps, amounting to a loss of more than one month per year. Furthermore, the report states that 66 percent of workers want a single communications platform that will bring a sense of productivity to their workplace.

“We believe everyone has the right to communicate, collaborate and stay organized and that’s why we are excited to roll out our platform to anyone who is burned out on bouncing between email, various storage sites, and communications platforms, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Jesper Shultz, CEO and co-founder of BasicOps. “This core offering will always be free and combines the best features from the tools and apps we rely on to get our work done—project management, communication and file storage—and puts them all in one place with real-time updates. It’s also a great personal organization solution for today’s worker who in addition to their full-time role, has a second business or a never ending list of to-dos.”

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BasicOps is a one-stop base of operations for work and life. It can be used to organize and track professional projects, personal endeavors, home management, and more. The highly-integrated digital platform includes key features such as:
Task-based conversations keep everyone on topic, and make it easier for the whole team to communicate and collaborate in one place from anywhere and anytime.

  • Activity feed gets you caught up on everything in a quick glance without dragging you in.
  • Organize your tasks and files in projects using drag and drop.
  • Dashboard clears the deck and shows what you need to get done, one task at a time.
  • Work the way you want in List view, Board view, Calendar view or Timeline view.
  • Secure platform hosted on Amazon Web Services.

“BasicOps has truly transformed the way we work, collaborate and track successes across our organization,” said Andrew Wilson, CMO & EVP at the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau. “The platform provides enhanced clarity to individuals, managers and teams, including those working at third party organizations, as to what projects are in the works and where all the tasks and deliverables stand. It enables us to track overall productivity across teams as well as onboard new employees and contractors faster than ever before. BasicOps also provides us with a well structured and searchable consolidation of project deliverables and communications that allow us to save so much time and energy retrieving institutional knowledge.”

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