ExecVision Unveils Enhanced Performance Dashboards

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ExecVision, the only conversation intelligence platform that helps organizations close the Insights-to-Performance Gap, today announced the release of its enhanced Performance Dashboards. These new analytics expand ExecVision’s value in the two fundamental components of conversation intelligence technology: surfacing valuable, actionable insights from customer and prospect conversations, and facilitating the delivery of consistent and targeted coaching to close rep skill gaps in order to improve business outcomes.

These enhanced dashboards arm sales executives and managers with a feedback loop of critical intelligence around conversation quality, rep skill gaps and coaching effectiveness. Leaders can understand how individual reps are performing over time, locate specific areas of weakness, create Coaching Plans that address those areas, discern if the coaching facilitated performance improvements and behavior change, and adjust their coaching program, if necessary.

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Performance Dashboards serve as Mission Control within the ExecVision platform and provide reporting based on role and user permissions. The Executive Dashboard helps senior leaders understand what coaching is happening and what effect it is having on the performance of their teams. The Manager Dashboard provides recommendations and reports to help managers figure out who and what to coach. ExecVision’s Rep Dashboard helps reps understand how their activity and performance stack up against KPIs and team averages.

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“Revenue leaders have never had a single system of record where they can assess their team’s performance, develop and deliver coaching to address skill gaps, and then instantly measure the impact of that coaching. That changes now,” said David Stillman, CEO and Co-Founder of ExecVision. He continued, “With our new reporting capabilities, organizations will finally have one central location where they can get visibility into sales conversation quality, and continuously test and measure how coaching activities are improving performance and impacting critical top-line business metrics.”

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