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Vainu Launches Program to Help US Companies Land Business in the Nordics

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Known as “The Promised Land” Campaign, The Initiative Seeks To Mainstream US-Nordics Business Alliances

The time has come for American businesses to be let in on a little secret. Sales intelligence company Vainu, with roots in Finland and offices across the Nordics and a U.S. headquarters in New York, is launching its Promised Land campaign — an initiative to spark enthusiasm among businesses in the U.S. looking to connect and partner with Nordic businesses while simultaneously aiding Nordic-based startups seeking to gain a foothold in the coveted U.S. market.

Mikko Jauhiainen
Mikko Jauhiainen

“As a company who has been fortunate enough to make the transition from a startup in the Nordics to an enterprise with offices across Europe and now in New York, we wanted to provide the kind of educational resources and support to companies here in the United States looking to make a kind of reverse expansion,” said Vainu Vice President Mikko Jauhiainen. “So, we’ve developed a program called the ‘Promised Land’ that offers resources, support and guidance to any company in the US interested in expanding to the Nordics.”

Vainu, a company recently named a top 100 European startup in Wired UK, wants to give back and educate U.S. businesses who can help support companies in the Nordics.

“We decided to name this initiative ‘Promised Land’ because, based on our experience working with thousands of businesses across the Nordics, we realize that there really is a demand for US experts to help pave the way for budding startups looking for someone to guide them into the American market,” added Jauhiainen. “With a large pool of tech startups, countries in the Nordics are ready for services from businesses who specialize in areas such as marketing, recruiting and IT to help them develop a plan to expand in the US”

The Nordic region has a track record for producing successful tech startups. While the countries that comprise the region account for about 2 percent of global GDP, those same countries produce 7 percent of global billion-dollar tech startups.

Since its 2014 launch, Vainu has grown from three guys and an idea to a team of more than 130 people, nearly $1 millionin monthly revenue and bookings, more than 1,000 customers with thousands of users and more than 100 million companies worldwide in its database. With a recently launched US headquarters in New York City, a European headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and several other European offices, Vainu continues to advance its mission to collect, read and understand all the information written about every company in the world and make it readily available. By 2018, the company plans to launch at least three new databases in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Vainu’s How to Sell to the Nordics ebook

Trusted by companies like FedEx, UPS, Manpower, Dell and Microsoft, B2B business development leaders around the world capitalize on Vainu’s platform. The company recently launched an app to provide its same customized sales and prospecting solution to users on the go. is a data-driven prospecting and lead generation sales intelligence platform used by more than 1,000 organizations to identify actionable insights and sales leads. On mission to collect, read and understand all the information ever written about every company in the world, and with more than 100 million companies in its platform already, Vainu has helped its clients streamlines sales and close more deals.

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