Study of Digital Receipts Unlocks New Data Trends for Retailers

Leading innovator of post-purchase marketing for retailers uncovers new consumer data trends from receipts.

flexEngage, the leading innovator of post-purchase marketing for retailers has announced numerous data findings stemming from the analysis of over 150 million receipts across 40 unique retailers. The full analysis can be found here, but the following are a few key takeaways.

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  • With adoption rates averaging across all industries at 27%, the apparel industry saw adoption rates 71% higher while the health and wellness industry saw rates 20% lower than average.
  • The highest opt-in rates were seen by customers who spent $200-$500 who were also four times more likely to request a printed and digital receipt.
  • The highest open-rate was driven by the jewelry vertical 58% followed by the apparel industry (51%), sports (47%), home goods (42%), average (42%), footwear (38%), and health and wellness (38%).
  • Non-loyalty shoppers are more likely to engage, driving a 4% higher open rate and 51% higher click through rate compared to loyalty members.
  • While GMAIL email domains are most common, they tend to drive the lowest engagement rates after opening. ISP-based domains drove the highest click to open engagement.

“Our digital receipts allow for a unique view of consumer’s post-purchase experiences.”

“Our digital receipts allow for a unique view of consumer’s post-purchase experiences.” Jay Patel, CTO of flexEngage, commented, “From our analysis of data from over 40 of our retailers spanning across numerous verticals, we are able to see patterns through the data that we can then share with our clients and retail community at large to help drive better experiences moving forward. With our data pool continuing to grow as we expand into new verticals, we look forward to building on this analysis and our reach to better serve the retail community.”

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