Volkswagen Announces New NFT Collections After a Historic First Edition Sold Out in Less Than Seven Hours

Volkswagen logo

The NFT market has been gaining more and more attention from the public and more investments from brands of various segments. A market that has moved over US$ 17 billion throughout 2021, it has been one of the best ways to revolutionize consumer relations and offer exclusive and unique experiences for them. And Volkswagen, one of the largest automakers globally, has proven in its successful business strategy that non-fungible tokens are an excellent path for generating new markets and business with the Digital Garage VW launch.

The Digital Garage VW brings exclusive digital content via collectible packs of Volkswagen cars, iconic models, classics, and so-called concept cars. With this innovation and new format of interaction, fans of the automotive market can collect, store, exchange, and sell the items – literally creating a digital garage.

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The sold-out first edition started with two collections, GT Collection and Pen&Paper. Six hundred packs were created at the launch, and they sold in just a few hours on Latin America’s first sustainable NFT platform designed by One Percent, which offsets the carbon footprint generated in the “minting” of each token. “We believe that NFT is ceasing to be a myth to the public, as it is gaining more visibility and robustness in the market. And the possibility of acquiring NFTs by credit card, pix, and cryptocurrency also contributed to the success of the action,” says Vanin. The success made Volkswagen and OnePercent anticipate the launch of a new collection this Friday (22).

The new collection, named Blackout, brings even more novelties and an exclusive design. Translated into a technique that interprets the cars by highlighting their sportiest features, the blackout collection seeks to abstract the lines that reinforce the performance vocation of the models with very free strokes that communicate the sporty message of each vehicle represented. Classic and contemporary models, such as Polo, Pointer, Apollo, and Gol, in sporty versions such as GT, GLS, GTI, and GTS.

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The blackout language, which proposes an inversion of colors similar to the negative of a photograph, represents the white pencil on black paper and carries the items of a bold and modern message.

The next step of the Digital Garage VW platform will be to make available the option to buy even more rare and collectible items through auctions in which registered users can bid, and at the end of the auction period, the highest bidder wins. “This option will bring even more advantages to car lovers because it allows acquiring exclusive and unique items,” adds Vanin.

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