EU Tech Start-up Announces Metaverse Partnership to Become the World’s First Metaverse Browser

EU start-up, Decentr, announced a partnership with a key player in the metaverse space, Spheroid Universe. This partnership is great news for Decentr, their community and the future of the decentralized internet as Decentr moves towards becoming the world’s first (and only) decentralized metaverse browser, or ‘metabrowser’.

Decentr is working with Spheroid Universe and other organizations to set the open-source Standards & Protocols (S&Ps) that will be essential for the creation of a decentralized metaverse in the same way the Decentr browser and custom chain is standardizing Web3.

Spheroid Universe is a metaverse platform that superimposes a continuous layer of augmented reality onto the Earth’s surface. As a platform for entertainment, games, advertising, and business in the world of planet Earth’s AR, Spheroid Universe operates on Earth’s digital surface (Spaces) in the form of geo-localized private property.

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“We are completely replacing the current trend in centralized, disconnected metaverse platforms by developing groundbreaking open-source technology that is accessible by our metabrowser.”

— Rich James, CCO

This metaverse partnership is a sensible next step for Decentr: as Decentr continues to integrate their browser and blockchain as part of the ‘internet of blockchains’ Spheroid Universe is excited to work with Decentr to build added functionality to create the foundational technology for the ‘metaverse of metaverses’ that these two industry players are jointly building.

This partnership ensures Decentr will continue to hit their roadmap milestones while taking advantage of the cross-promotional opportunities, support and experience of a fantastic team with wide experience and connections in the metaverse, Web3 and NFT space.

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Decentr’s Metabrowser: One Platform to Unite the Metaverse

The Decentr metabrowser allows users to access and retrieve data across multiple partner chains. This means the metabrowser and custom blockchain will do for Web3 and the metaverse what Netscape did for the Web. Decentr is creating a foundational Web3 and metaverse solution (Decentr’s definition of the Metaweb) that supports mass adoption of multiple integrated, standardized and scalable technologies. This creates a seamless, decentralized, and user-centric experience for Web3 and 3D/AR to be used on mobile and desktop metaweb navigation.

Rich James, Decentr CCO says: “Decentralization is critical: the decentralized metaverse is a brand new narrative in crypto, which we and Spheroid Universe believe will completely replace the current trend in centralized, disconnected metaverse platforms. The field is absolutely wide open to develop groundbreaking open-source technology.”

In conjunction with open-source Spheroid Universe, Decentr is taking the lead in this exciting field by providing a truly decentralised basis for a single, cohesive, interoperable metaweb.

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