“ FameNet “ – An AI based Influencer Marketing Platform

Fame Infinity Ltd. – a new start-up venture – began its operations worldwide for its decentralized Ecosystem last year in December.

FameNet – an AI and blockchain powered influencer marketing platform, will be operational in May 2022 under the flagship of Fame Infinity Ecosystem.

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FameNet is an upcoming ecosystem of decentralized and democratic digital platforms, converging the innovations by introducing strategic services to brands and influencers through the future of internet web 3.0.

Fame Infinity Ltd. is the complete business Ecosystem comprising of a network of interlinked companies like FameVerse ( Gaming Platform) , FameSwap ( DEX) , FameLiv (News Portal) , Fame Multiplex ( OTT Plat-form ) , FameMail ( d-mail), and FameNet ( Influencer Marketing Platform ) , which will add more users and consumers base due to its dynamic and innovative nature of business.

Fame Infinity is becoming the biggest blockchain Eco-verse. Fame Infinity has launched a BEP20 token, named FAME very recently which will be a governance and utility token for the entire Fame infinity Ecosystem.

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FameNet is a renowned and trusted influencer marketing platform created by a group of experts, data scientists, and blockchain specialists and is an integral part of Fame Infinity Ecosystem.

FameNet aims to assist all types of enterprises and brands in identifying the most appropriate collection of Influencers across the industry to market their products and services to the most suitable clients at very competitive prices.

FameNet’s decentralized protocols eliminate the requirement of intermediaries during transactions, which to a greater extent democratize our plat-forms for the mutual benefits of creators and participants. FameNet will provide more transparent and trustless output and can nullify data theft and hacking fear.

FameNet will help brands to run impactful and ROI driven influencer marketing campaigns through accurate realtime data, quick influencer discovery, and expert campaign strategies.

FameNet addresses the issues of data ownership, protection, and privacy. Thus FameNet will lead to the evolution of the decentralization marketing process by disrupting the influencer marketing industry.

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