QuikPlace Makes Influencer Marketing Easier Than Ever

All-in-one creator marketplace, QuikPlace reaches milestone of 6,500+ creators with a combined reach of over 4 billion total followers, making them the largest public influencer marketplace to date. Built to streamline influencer marketing through seamlessly connecting creators with brands and record labels for paid promotions across social media. The platform celebrated this achievement with the release of several campaign tools to get yet another leap ahead of those within their space.

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Created to disrupt the influencer marketing industry, it comes to no surprise that QuikPlace has set its sights on making continual advancements within the creator economy and redefining the industry’s status quo. The platforms latest release of campaign tools revolves around features that brands and labels can use generate the most efficient campaigns possible.

As an all-In-One Creator marketplace, clients have had the ability to either hand-pick influencers for their campaign, or take advantage of QuikPlace’s one-on-one campaign service through working with their internal team of specialists. QuikPlace’s most recent technology and tools take their capabilities a step further through the ability to accommodate all clients looking for custom campaigns that cater to specific needs.

The first tool they released is the QuikPlace AI Match feature. This game-changing software utilizes artificial intelligence to instantaneously curate a multitude of campaign variations for you to either select from, or pick and choose from. The software itself is built on optimization and allows you to filter according to budget, platform, niche, promotion type, and engagement.

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The second tool QuikPlace released is the Bounty feature. The tool was created for clients looking to run campaigns and promotions in volume, as well as for creators who are eager to promote. The Bounty tool makes mass promotion easier than ever through allowing brands to send flat rate offers out to all creators with budgets that fill on a first come, first serve basis. In addition to this, the team has also released a CPA Bounty feature that does not entail any upfront costs for brands, but instead a flat rate per conversion each creator generates.

Well how does pricing on QuikPlace work? Creator’s pricing is publicly displayed and set by the creator themselves. This implementation eliminates the need to negotiate price-points with creators. From a creators perspective, all QuikPlace creators are able either accept or deny any promotion that comes their way, putting power in the creators hands, while also ensuring that only creators genuinely interested in a promotion are involved.

What types of companies does QuikPlace work with? QuikPlace assists everyone in digital marketing by running custom campaigns for brands, e-commerce shops, apps, and record labels. In summary, this entails finding a group of influencers that will best promote a given song or product. Clients can select between four campaign types: Standard, QuikPlace AI, QuikPlace Bounty, and QuikPlace Full-service.

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