TribeFluence to Revolutionize Social Media Marketing in New Deal with Click & Clear Communications

Top Ranking App Makes Micro-Influencer Marketing Accessible to Small Business

TribeFluence CEO and Founder Johnny Vieira announced that Click & Clear Communications, a full-service ad agency in Los Angeles, will become the first authorized TribeFluence Marketing Platform provider in the US.  Tribfluence is the leading provider of Influencer Marketing solutions. As a result of this unprecedented deal, Click & Clear clients, which include 7-11, Fantastic Sams, Elite Makeup, Valvoline and The American Cancer Society will be able to increase their reach and engagement and build lifelong customers through the Tribefluence network.

“The task of reaching a large number of social media personalities can prove challenging, according to Viera. “TribeFluence has streamlined this process giving clients a more robust and cost-effective advertising mix that garners a higher rate of brand loyalty.”

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TribeFluence is disrupting the social media advertising industry by connecting brands with influencers and micro-influencers. Through this innovative app TribeFluence can assign brand campaigns to hundreds of influencers with the click of a button.  Furthermore, the app can give advertisers targeted reach to engage the most relevant audience for their initiatives. 

Major social media stars like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are charging $750,000.00 and up for a single post, and until now, marketers have been clamoring to get in front of their millions of followers.  However, smart marketers are finding more success with smaller social media influencers (those with thousands to tens of thousands of followers) or “micro influencers” by utilizing TribeFluence.

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A recent report estimated that micro-influencer marketing campaigns can see over 50% more engagement and drives more than 20 times of social media conversation than your typical celebrity driven, bloated campaign. Brands that utilize micro influencer marketing found it is five to six times more cost effective.

“While the self-service aspect of the TribeFluence app is a favorite feature among our users,” says Vieira, partnerships like the one we have with Click & Clear will combine our unsurpassed reach with masterful strategic ads. We are working to duplicate this unique partnership with ad agencies, newspapers, magazines and anyone looking to increase their advertising.”

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