Informa Engage’s Audience Extension Leverages Social Media to Target First-Party Audiences and Drive Engagement

Delivers an Audience-First Approach of Accurate, Highly-Qualified Prospects

Social media is a top strategy for marketers to reach audiences, but it can be challenging to target the right professional users on social media platforms. Audience Extension Social combines Informa Engage‘s greatest asset – it’s audience of 30 million professional decision makers – with social media, a platform where a marketer’s audience spends a lot of time. Audience Extension Social can be added to a marketers existing program of banner advertising and email campaigns to create more robust engagement. On average, Audience Extension Social performs two to three times better than traditional banner advertising.

Seventy-one percent of B2B marketers rely on social media to engage decision makers and get buyers into the sales funnel. (Informa Engage) Audience Extension Social allows marketers to target a specific audience of highly-qualified prospects via social media platforms to drive engagement. Two Audience Extension Social capabilities are available to marketers: in-feed native ads on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and video ads on Facebook.

Audience Extension Social is a simple, quick solution to reach the engaged audiences Informa Engage interacts with daily. With only two steps the program is up and running: marketers submit their content and pick the target segment of professional users to receive content posts in their feeds. Also, a marketer can bring credibility to an Audience Extension Social campaign by associating with a respected Informa brand.

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Joann Kropp
Joann Kropp

“Data is a strategic asset for Informa Engage. Marketers come to us because of our self-reported first-party database in dozens of industries and our audience quality,” said Joann Kropp, Vice President, Global Data Solutions, Informa Engage. “We’re able to direct our marketing solutions across industries to deliver marketers with a targeted audience. For example, if a marketer is looking to target engineers, we have a breadth of data to reach this audience across many Informa markets. We reach engineers in agriculture, automotive design, infrastructure and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our strong audience engagement across our websites, data products and events allows us to drive results for marketers.”

Examples of Audience Extension social media capabilities:

  • A leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements was interested in reaching buyers outside of retail environments. They chose Informa Engage due to its deep reach into the natural products and supplement industry and its ability to identify consumers with an active interest in the healthy lifestyle market through the New Hope Network. The supplements manufacturer used Informa Engage’s Audience Extension across the web, Facebook and Instagram to target individuals with a demonstrated interest in natural nutritional products. The program’s Facebook and Instagram click rate was 24 times traditional display and the Audience Extension click rate was six times traditional display.
  • A leading importer and distributor of lighting products wanted to promote a new video series. The goal was to drive awareness and continue to build on their strong and respected name in the industry. They chose Informa Engage because of its deep reach into the lighting and live entertainment industry through Live Design. Informa Engage created a highly targeted multi-channel marketing program to lighting designers utilizing email, video pre-roll and Audience Extension Social through Facebook. The program’s email campaign open rate was two times the standard open rate, the video pre-roll click rate was four times traditional display and the Facebook click rate was four times traditional display.

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