Madrivo Helps Social Publishers Overcome Facebook Data Loss Through an Exclusive Partnership With PixelConnector

In response to upcoming changes to iOS 14 and Facebook data tracking, Madrivo has begun an exclusive partnership with PixelConnector to help social publishers easily and accurately track conversion events without a break in data.

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The partnership between the two companies will offer Madrivo’s network of social publishers exclusive access to PixelConnector, which seamlessly integrates with Facebook’s Aggregated Events Measurement (AEM) tool to accurately track and report on conversion events. PixelConnector requires minimal setup and can be installed by social publishers within 15 minutes to create a seamless data transition when the iOS 14 and Facebook changes occur.

Madrivo’s CEO Ronen Hamatian states, “Our partnership with PixelConnector offers a unique solution to our network of social publishers in the light of the critical changes from Facebook and Apple. Our publishers rely on us to provide simple-to-use solutions that give them the analytics they need to effectively optimize large-scale campaigns automatically — that is exactly what PixelConnector does. We’re excited to say that PixelConnector is already being used by our sister company Adforia to great success as well.”

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PixelConnector CEO Cody Solomon is equally excited about the partnership saying, “The team at PixelConnector is thrilled to partner with industry-leader Madrivo, as their experience and reach in the affiliate marketing space is unparalleled. Together, we will be able to ensure that traffic and conversions will keep flowing back and forth from publishers to the huge selection of offers available on Madrivo, without any disruption — helping tens of thousands of marketers get the data they need to keep optimizing and scaling their campaigns effectively.”

Social publishers not within the Madrivo network can apply to join Madrivo to use the PixelConnector tool for a free and seamless connection to accurate backend data and Facebook AEM.

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