Nimble, PieSync Announce Contact Unification and Social Enrichment SaaS Apps

Nimble, PieSync Announce Contact Unification and Social Enrichment for 90+ SaaS Apps

Nimble’s Signature Social Business Profiles, Contact Discovery Engine and Smart Segmentation Enhance the Value of 90 SaaS Applications

Nimble, the leading social sales and marketing contact relationship platform, today announced in-the-box integration with PieSync. The B2B cloud integration platform extends Nimble’s social business profiles, contact data discovery engine, and smart segmentation to more than 90 SaaS applications, including G Suite, MailChimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Quickbooks.

Based on the premise that virtually all customer-facing teams and individuals need an easy-to-use, intelligent contact relationship manager to help build productive and successful relationships, Nimble unifies contact data from multiple contact management systems, social platforms and SaaS sales, CRM, marketing automation, customer service and accounting applications into a single system of record.

Nimble, PieSync Announce Contact Unification and Social Enrichment for 90+ SaaS Apps
Jon Ferrara

Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara said,“Today, people struggle to manage critical business contacts because contact management and CRM are broken. Contact details and engagement history are strewn haphazardly across stacks of scribbled-on business cards, multiple email accounts, outdated email contact lists, fragmented social media streams, and siloed business applications. Employees waste time and inevitably miss sales opportunities. With Nimble, you spend more time cultivating the right relationships using a highly targeted list of prospects, leads and customers tracked in disparate systems.”

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Nimble delivers a company-wide relationship management platform

Nimble can either be used as a stand-alone CRM or enhance the value of existing contact management, marketing automation, sales CRM and accounting applications. Specifically:

  • When syncing Google Contacts, Nimble becomes a robust team contact manager that tracks email communications. AI-enabled email signature capture helps keep G Suite contact details clean and up-to-date in near real-time.
  • Email Marketing Automation Apps – A Nimble integration with MailChimp or Campaign Monitor enables users to manage subscription status for email audiences in multiple email lists. Users can also bring segments of Nimble contacts into specific mailing campaigns; discover contact details for bounced emails; and assign follow-up tasks based on signups, survey responses, and average email opens or click rates.
  • Marketing Automation Platforms – A Nimble integration with Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot or Infusionsoft enables users to translate a combination of marketing attributes such as lead scores, website visitor activities and form submissions into actionable Nimble tabs you can use to create daily call lists and follow-up tasks using Nimble’s signature social business fields.
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management – Using Nimble within Salesforce or Dynamics 365 helps sales professionals engage more effectively with customers and prospects. Use Nimble’s Smart Profile Insights to reveal common interests, preferred communication channels, and missing contact details.
  • Accounting Platforms – Integrating Nimble with Quickbooks or Xero unlocks knowledge in accounting systems that enables sales and support teams to interact with customers facing financial issues such as past due to invoices, without having to open a separate bookkeeping application or re-enter data.

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What customers have to say

Nimble, PieSync Announce Contact Unification and Social Enrichment for 90+ SaaS Apps
Michael McKenna

“Nimble is the best prospecting tool I’ve ever used. It builds profiles instantly so I immediately know who a person is, what interests him or her, and how to best to reach out, within context. Nimble is especially useful when working in Zoho CRM because it adds social profiles instantly to Zoho contacts and provides missing contact details,” said Michael McKenna, principal consultant at Dublin-based cloud applications consultancy SmartCloud.

Nimble, PieSync Announce Contact Unification and Social Enrichment for 90+ SaaS Apps
Martin Brossman

Martin Brossman, executive and business success sales coach, Martin Brossman and Associates, added, “As a real-world small business owner, it’s difficult to deliver the ‘personal touch’ when all my prospects, allies and customers are tied up in different business apps, including Constant Contact, Quickbooks, Gmail, Calendar and social media. Fortunately, Nimble and PieSync bring all these systems together into a single system of record that makes it easy for me to cultivate the one-on-one relationships that grow my business and my customers’ businesses.”

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