PiiQ Media’s Authenticity Scoring Enables Companies to Better Evaluate Social Media Activity

PiiQ Media adds enhanced social media analytics to its PQ-INTEL product

PiiQ Media, the social media threat intelligence and risk analytics company, announced it added authenticity scoring to its PQ-INTEL product. With misinformation and disinformation rapidly spreading across social media platforms, businesses need a way to analyze the authenticity and reach of these narratives to protect brand reputation and combat false narratives.

In today’s social media-driven world, online narratives have the potential to negatively impact companies’ brand reputation, operations and security. Organizations need a tool to help evaluate the authenticity of the accounts spreading these narratives in order to determine how and when to respond. To enable this evaluation, PiiQ Media has developed algorithms to detect inauthentic social media profiles and activity by examining and scoring specific profile characteristics and conversation engagement.

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PQ-INTEL’s authenticity scoring feature brings new capabilities across market sectors to help organizations with:

  • Deeper insight into the nature and composition of online conversations: Examining the authenticity of online profiles and conversations provides a powerful tool for combating the spread of disinformation. PiiQ’s recent study into anti-vaccination conversations on social media dives into how fake accounts are being used to disseminate disinformation and drive fear and uncertainty – and how evaluating these accounts for authenticity can help better inform decision-making.
  • Managing online brand reputation: Social media is a critical factor in a company’s reputation and ultimately, success. Organizations must pay close attention to what’s being said about the company online, but they also need a way to better understand who or what is behind those conversations. This is key to shaping a course of action and response.
  • Combatting the manipulation of security and financial markets: We’ve seen how social media has influenced financial markets this past year, particularly in the GameStop frenzy. Bots are more and more often being created for the purpose of amplifying a narrative against an ideology, company, or financial outcome. Recognizing these activities can provide indicators that a company or its agenda is under attack.

PQ-INTEL was built as a “Swiss Army knife” for social media analytics, providing the user with thousands of configurations to analyze all aspects of social media information within a single pane of glass. The addition of authenticity scoring to this powerful platform provides even more accessible and digestible intelligence directly to customers.

Aaron Barr, chief technology officer, PiiQ Media, said: “The spread of disinformation and misinformation is no new phenomenon, but with social media, the amplification of such content has reached an unprecedented level of impact. Authenticity scoring empowers organizations to manage brand reputation, combat the spread of disinformation and identify manipulation within security and financial markets.”

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