Introducing SLUSHY, an Invite-Only Celebrity Backed Creator Platform

SLUSHY is a social commerce platform built for professional creators who want unrivaled creative freedom and robust engagement tools. Launching in the United States today, SLUSHY is currently an invite-only creator platform, where anyone can consume, but only those invited can create.

Today more than ever, creators are growing tired of existing social platforms and their limited monetization options, unclear guidelines, undefined account bans, and overall lack of transparency.

“Imagine waking up to find five years of hard work and your entire audience of over 6 million people taken away from you. No explanation provided, nor any means of recovery. That happened to me on Instagram and continues to happen to many other creators too. There’s been major demand for a platform where creators have full freedom on how to monetize their content. I couldn’t find one so I decided to help build one that I would be proud to be a part of” – Julia Rose, Co-Founder, and Head of Talent, SLUSHY.

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Creators have lacked a safe space to post whatever they want, they need a platform and revenue model free of the stigma and poor assumptions associated with subscription content. As brand deals, shadow banning, account deletions, and limited support continue to restrict creative freedom, creators need more.

“In my previous role at Tinder, stigma was something we battled with daily, as young people didn’t want to meet each other online. At SLUSHY we face similar challenges with the negative stigma surrounding paywall subscriptions, which are often associated with adult content. SLUSHY arrives to offer an alternative, and give any creator the chance to earn through that proven model. Our invite-only mechanism ensures quality control from day one, we’ve built this for professional creators, with serious business intent” – Josh Metz, Co-Founder and CMO, SLUSHY

In a market where existing solutions fall short of creators’ demands, SLUSHY provides a fresh solution creators can be proud of, one that prioritizes their monetization, support, and management needs.

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Created by David Gross and Fred Spivock, SLUSHY’s founding team is rounded out by former Head of Marketing at Tinder, Josh Metz and SHAGMAG founder, Julia Rose. Raising $3.5 million from a host of celebrities, tech founders and VC firms, such as John Oringer (Former CEO, Shutterstock), Sean Rad (Co-Founder and former CEO, Tinder, Inc.), Drew Taggart and Alex Pall (Mantis VC – The Chainsmokers), Austin Rosen (CEO, Electric Feel Entertainment), Bryan Goldberg (Bustle Digital Group) and Soma Capital, the newest addition to the creator economy is set to help merge both social and commerce.

“SLUSHY is at the helm of disrupting the industry providing an unrestricted platform for a creator-first economy while allowing direct and engaging connections with fans. Working within the entertainment industry, I understand first-hand how important it is to provide creators with the resources and tools to authentically express their vision to audiences around the world. SLUSHY’s launch into the United States stands to reinvent the current creator monetization model and we’re thrilled to be a part of the process” – Austin Rosen, Founder & CEO, Electric Feel Entertainment

The rise of the creator economy has only just begun, SLUSHY believes that selling content online will evolve in the same way selling consumer products has – and aims to pioneer that evolution. SLUSHY promises to deliver innovative monetization options, improved creator tools and deeper discovery, recommendation and analytics insights.

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“Our mission is to ensure creators succeed, SLUSHY can help them do so by pioneering a shift from ad-based to recurring revenue. We see ourselves as a place where both social and commerce merge, whilst being the ideal partner to creators as they transform into businesses themselves. By providing them with innovative tools to further connect with and monetize their audiences directly, SLUSHY will always give creators more, to fulfill their earning potential” – David Gross, Co-Founder and CEO, SLUSHY.

Where other industry leaders have failed to successfully implement secure compliance frameworks, SLUSHY worked from day one to ensure creator and content security via the most sophisticated content moderation pipeline in existence. SLUSHY is serious about trust and safety and has been built with comprehensive compliance tools – including simplified consent, ID verification, and content moderation to ensure content remains live and secure.

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