StitcherAds Announces Facebook Offline Integration for Retail, Bringing In-Store Sales Automation to Online Ads

Integration Brings Retailers Closer To Unified Commerce, With Stitcherads’ Customers Now Attributing Up To 27% Of In-Store Purchases To Paid Social Media Engagement

StitcherAds, a global Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner, today announces its unified commerce solution that integrates retailers’ point of sale data with Facebook’s offline API and new ad formats for driving in-store purchases. Through StitcherAds’ new feature, which deconstructs the complex relationship between social media ads and brick-and-mortar buying behavior, retail marketers now have access to accurate, identity-based data on how Facebook and Instagram ads impact in-store revenue, allowing them to target offline purchases online.

StitcherAds rolls out unified commerce solution that accurately attributes online ads to offline sales for retailers

A Gartner for Marketers report states that “advanced attribution and marketing mix modeling promise greater fidelity of spend analysis and optimization, but bring their own cost and additional complexity.” Most retailers lack in-house data scientists to break down this complexity, which creates a need for a partner like StitcherAds to process and report on in-store purchase data. By integrating data with Facebook to match brick-and-mortar customers with corresponding Facebook users, StitcherAds can determine which of these users saw and/or clicked on the digital ads for the items purchased, influencing the in-store sale.

This purchase data is then automatically leveraged to optimize campaigns that are focused on increasing foot traffic. StitcherAds is also able to use the data for audience building, including retargeting in-store customers and prospecting lookalikes of high value in-store customers with best-selling products. In addition to increased brick-and-mortar sales, retailers benefit from StitcherAds new capability by acquiring advanced insights on in-store customer segments related to general demographics, household income, spending behavior, and more.

Based on retailers’ early use of this new unified commerce feature, StitcherAds has been able to effectively match in-store customer details with Facebook users at accuracy rates of up to 93 percent. For some retailers, StitcherAds’ new capability has attributed as much as 27 percent of all in-store customers to engagement with Facebook ads in the previous 28 days. These retailers achieved these results with as little as 5 percent of total ad budget dedicated to an in-store objective, proving the upward potential of offline ad formats.

Declan Kennedy
Declan Kennedy

“Driving in-store traffic is no longer a television and print advertisers’ game. Consumers live on their mobile devices, and we now have the technology to validate that the ads you see on your newsfeed are actually leading you into stores,” said Declan Kennedy, StitcherAds CEO. “This data opens up endless opportunities for retailers to build campaigns that convert across multiple channels. We’re excited to be at the forefront of the unified commerce frontier and defining what it means for the future of retail marketing.”

“StitcherAds is changing the digital advertising game for retailers in a huge way. Having the ability to take in-store customer data and plug it into Facebook’s infrastructure to measure, retarget and prospect new audiences means increased revenue opportunities retailers haven’t even begun to dream of,” said Tom Arrix, Managing Partner of Adjacency Partners and former Facebook VP of Global Marketing Solutions. “StitcherAds is leading the way into the future of marrying the offline and online worlds, and the future is looking very bright.”

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