Pegasystems Unveils Industry-First Cloud Choice Guarantee to Move Away from Vendor Lock-In Culture

Open Deployment Model Delivers “As A Service” Ease While Ensuring Flexibility To Run On Any Cloud

Pegasystems, the software company empowering customer engagement at the world’s leading enterprises, has announced the Pega Cloud Choice Guarantee program – extending Pega’s commitment to its clients to deliver enterprise-grade SaaS software, backed with the flexibility to run their Pega solutions on the cloud platform that works best for them with no vendor lock-in. The initiative provides Pega clients with “as a Service” speed while guaranteeing flexibility into the future – a combination that no other vendor in the software industry can match.

Frank Guerrera, Chief Technical Systems Officer, Pegasystems, said, “It’s difficult for organizations to blaze their own digital transformation trail when software vendors force their clients into proprietary cloud platforms – effectively taking any cloud choice out of their hands.”

Gartner predicts that “by 2020, 90 per cent of organizations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities.”

With the Pega Cloud Choice Guarantee, Pega delivers a software solution fully architected for this next generation of cloud. Bucking the vendor-centric trend that forces businesses into proprietary clouds, Pega gives its clients the option to subscribe to Pega solutions on its native Pega Cloud or to manage their own deployments on most other cloud infrastructures, based on their business needs.

Frank added, “Pega believes clients need maximum flexibility to adapt as markets continue to shift at an extraordinary pace. The Pega Cloud Choice Guarantee program frees companies from vendor lock-in so they can do what’s right for their business – and not just what’s convenient for the software vendor.”

For clients running Pega on supported third-party cloud platforms, the company goes beyond ‘permission to play’, providing ongoing support for Pega products on a growing number of cloud providers – including Amazon Web Services (AWS)Microsoft Azure, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

The Pega Cloud Choice Guarantee offers the following benefits for clients running Pega applications on supported clouds:

  • Full Global Customer Service support 24/7 for clients running Pega
  • No penalty for migration to or from any supported cloud environment
  • Reference architectures, related configuration, and support documentation for deploying and managing Pega technology
  • Available runtime components
  • Continuous certification of Pega solutions – including Pega Platform and all Pega applications – on currently supported cloud environments
  • Commitment to continue evaluating additional popular cloud platforms

For the increasing number of clients that choose to deploy on Pega Cloud, these users will receive new incentives such as no-cost platform upgrades and tuning for future versions of the Pega Platform and Pega customer engagement applications.

Unlike many other SaaS offerings, Pega customers would receive these upgrades on the schedule they select.

Pega Cloud users benefit from the speed and ease of an “as a Service” offering, including rapid previsioning, fully-supported seamless upgrades, and always-on performance monitoring.

In addition, all Pega Cloud subscription customers can take advantage of recent enhancements to the technology and operations, including expanded AI diagnostic capabilities via the Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud; a new self-service portal; a new Network Operation Center (NOC) in Krakow, Poland; and support in Germany, Japan, Canada, the UK and Brazil.