With Over 13.5 Million Followers And Rising, Decommunity Leverages The Power Of Social Media To Create Spectacular Marketing Results For Professional Architects, Décor Artists, Travel Experts, And Interior Designers

Decommunity announced that its thriving Instagram accounts had rocketed passed 13.5 million followers combined, while continuing to grow exponentially. Offering daily inspiration to a global pool of decoration and travel fans, Decommunity is a popular digital marketing agency that maintains the largest online community of architecture, interior design, and traveling enthusiasts. Followed by both average citizens and famous celebrities alike, Decommunity is an access portal for those looking to display and view a wide variety of luxurious décor projects.

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“One of the most important ways we help our many interior design and architectural clients is by connecting them to a vast audience of potential customers through Instagram,” said Elena Trujillo, Decommunity CEO. “Instagram has become far more than just a site for swimsuit models and young influencers looking to make their mark – it is a powerful tool that has over one billion active users worldwide, most of them who check in daily for an hour or so. Nearly half of Instagram users follow at least one business, with more than 80% reporting that Instagram helps them decide whether to buy a product or service. So, for architects and designers looking to popularize their work, Instagram engagement has become an absolute must. But rather than spend months painstakingly developing a large following of the right fans, we’ve already gathered an enthusiastic audience for our clients. And most importantly: we also make it fun to engage.”

Discover the Ready-Made Community

Decommunity connects influential companies and designers to the right audience through social media with popular upbeat articles and posts. Companies can reach an average of 32 million people per week through the Decommunity platform, with nearly half a million users checking in daily to view stories posted through Decommunity’s popular Instagram accounts:

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