Baker Tilly Leverages LinkedIn Marketing & Kennected

With the help of Kennected, and by leveraging LinkedIn marketing, the consulting company Baker Tilly Live grew $240k new revenue within 30 days. Baker Tilly Live is a suite of consulting services focused on helping businesses optimize their leadership, skills, and systems.

“What I didn’t realize was how much it took for me to really perfect my own processes along the way. Once you open up these conversations, it’s the integrity of your follow up—that’s what earns the business that you need,” Joseph Heraldo, President said. “I was able to sum basically a quarter of my business that I needed to hit. And we’re about two weeks from closing it.

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The Baker Tilly president also compared his current situation with how lead generation used to work, and how much easier it is now that LinkedIn marketing and Kennected have become such powerful tools.

“If I needed to meet with a CEO that was three hours away, guess what? I hopped in my car and I did that meeting, because that’s what it took to earn that level of business. But now that we’re in this situation where that isn’t even an option, I can do 10 to 12 meetings a day without even skipping a beat.”

Even with Baker Tilly Live’s significant boost in revenue, Heraldo still has a lot to look forward to for his company, especially since he has Kennected to back him up: “I get to repeat the cycle and look at next quarter as well.”

Back in June 2020, Baker Tilly Windsor joined forces with Heraldo, who is considered a leadership strategist, to form what is now known as Baker Tilly Live. The new service offers new ways to work with clients and provide additional value. And with the help of LinkedIn marketing and Kennected’s simplified lead flow, Baker Tilly Live can consistently find new clients to work with.

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Heraldo also talked about how important it is for businesses to adapt to new situations and make the most out of online platforms like social networking sites.

“It sets it up perfectly because the customer isn’t expecting you to make a three-hour drive to meet with them. They’re now in this position of “let’s make the most of this time”. And also think about the fact that if you can carry your business on without degrading it virtually, how easy is it for customers to say yes to you?” he said.

He said that Kennected helped him realize that he needed to meet his ideal clients. After putting some serious focus into its LinkedIn marketing efforts, Baker Tilly Live is now reaping the fruits of its labor. “It’s just an amazing thing to celebrate,” Heraldo added. “It’s a lot of hard work but it’s worth it when you get these types of results.”

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