Consumer Acquisition Launches Shutterstock Collection within Custom Ad Creation Marketplace

Creative Marketplace Now Carries Shutterstock’s Library of over 180 Million Images and Videos, Providing Advertisers with Fresh Content and Editing Solutions to Scale Ad Creative 

ConsumerAcquisition, a Facebook Marketing Partner offering the world’s first end-to-end user acquisition platform, announced that Shutterstock’s library of over 180 million images and videos will now be available through its Creative Marketplace. Now, advertisers can access Shutterstock’s content through a unified marketplace and tap into professional video editors, designers, and ad copywriters to generate custom ad creatives for Facebook, Instagram and Google’s universal app campaigns.

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Shutterstock Inventory Now Available at Consumer Acquisition Creative Marketplace

Brian Bowman
Brian Bowman

At the time of this announcement, Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition, said, “Shutterstock’s content library will greatly enhance our Creative Marketplace offering and allow us to grow our partnerships with major brands as they look to create high-performance ad creative at scale. Advertisers need to quickly replace fatigued ads and discover new winners in order to maintain a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS), and Shutterstock’s vast video and image collection combined with our resources for generating ad creative is a key offering that we can now provide through our Creative Marketplace.”

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Shutterstock images and videos now available through Consumer Acquisition’s proprietary Creative Marketplace will enable creative innovation at scale. The marketplace connects advertisers with a global network of video editors, designers and ad copywriters that develop branded content iterations for the fast-paced ad market of today.

Creative Marketplace Offers Enhanced Reporting Capabilities across Ad Building Campaigns

The news comes within a year of the public launch of Creative Marketplace for Facebook. In August 2017, all Facebook advertisers gained access to Consumer Acquisition’s pay-for-performance marketplace for engaging designers and video editors to source ad creatives dynamically for campaigns.

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High performing digital advertising campaigns on Facebook require a considerable investment in creative development and choosing the right visuals offer advertisers the best chance at achieving campaign performance goals. Yet, according to Consumer Acquisition’s internal analysis, about 95% of creative ads are ineffective at converting installs and leads to meet advertiser’s financial objectives.

Advertisers must test a constant rotation of hundreds of ad creatives to drive optimal performance on campaigns.

Advertisers simply write a creative brief or collaborate with a concierge service for brief writing and creative management, and then receive videos, images and ad copy ready for testing. After running the selected ad creatives on Facebook or Google, performance reports automatically identify poor performers and recommend new ad creative launches.

Additionally, the Creative Marketplace offers enhanced reporting capabilities by rolling up data across creative elements and drilling down to uncover meaningful insights and robust ad building capabilities.


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